Hello again my readers ,,

As you know, I’ve been very slack in my update of this blog for the past (nearly) a year.
Looking at my posts, it’s been about 4 months since I last made anything at all.

I know I keep posting things like ” I’ll be back soon!” “Busy now , but crafting asap !” ,, but honestly, I don’t think I can anymore.

It’s not that I’m fully ditching this blog, but I feel like there isn’t anymore inspiration to craft anymore. I really haven’t touched my clay in a longlong time.
I think it’s because after starting this blog, I felt pressured to make things and update on a 4-5 day basis.

In the beginning, it was alright because I had holidays and there were so many rements I wanted to re-create and so many different fanart I wanted to make – but now that I’ve made most of the things I wanted to ,, I’m kind of slowing down on this crafting adventure..

So what am I saying?

Just apologizing for being away so long, and giving a heads up that you’ll probably see more long breaks like this one in the future.

I actually started university this year and I just know that I won’t have time to keep pumping out posts every 4-5 days like I did about a year ago.

So I’m not making any promises on this post, but I’ll definitely try to post maybe once every month? Orrr every two months ? Ah… this is getting difficult..

Again, it’s a lot easier if you have requests for me since I don’t have to go through this process of choosing what to make heh.

Also, I have a proper instagram now (not linked to my personal one)


If you search it up, you’ll actually see my latest creation which is this Yogurt Berry Smoothie ^^
I would post it here but my USB cable is faulty so I can’t transfer images from my phone at the moment.

So yep..

I’ll see you guys soon and hopefully I’ll have time to make proper tutorials for you again.


Thanks for reading !