About Craft Candies

Oh Hello there,,

It seems you want to know more about the purpose of this blog ^^;;
I hope the name of the blog isn’t too misleading… I don’t think I’ll actually be doing any sugar crafts , I was hoping to make it a little like candies of knowledge for crafting ? Maybe sort of like “Eye candy” hahas,,

In my posts, you will notice that I like to “enter” a lot between sentences. I hope this doesn’t bother you because, it helps me separate my train of thoughts- plus it’s easier for me to type and proof read.

Speaking of which, ” I ” refers to a typical nobody living in an even more unknown country called New Zealand. Supplies are ridiculously expensive in this country and hard to find… ahh,,

I also want to note that most of my posts will be related to felt or polymer clay, however, occasionally I will stray away and just post something that is D.I.Y that I want to share ^^;; I hope you don’t mind !

If you have any feedback, suggestions, requests -anything at all, just comment in the posts and I will TRY to answer/fulfil them (:


Thanks so much for reading ! !  Keep in mind that YOU are a very very valued reader ohoho


5 thoughts on “About Craft Candies

  1. daisybellcrafts says:

    Thanks for the cat, I’m sure it will be great friends with my little beast..hehehe

    I like how you describe ‘little candies of knowledge’. The idea of choice bits of sewing wisdom to be shared is a great idea.

    Regards from England,
    DaisyBelle :)

  2. Amber says:

    Hello. i really enjoy reading your blog ! it is so inspiring and i would like to try out some of your projects too.

    One problem is, i am not sure what to buy..
    Would it be possible to list the brands of what your craft supply is?

    Thank You!
    – Amber

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