Fabric button making

Hi again,

Today, I thought I would show you guys some of the equipment I have for my embroidery and also my first fabric button!

First, the two embroidery hoops that I own. This image is kind of zoomed in, but the larger one is actually only 5″ in diameter. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll notice that I had A LOT of excess fabric around what I was actually stitching. The smaller one you see there is 3″ and it’s much more suitable for the size that I usually embroider.

I think the only downside is that it’s a bit awkward to hold but it’s fine haha.


Now my button makers! I bought this from my Daiso store and the button is 38mm in size which is the largest I own.


My medium button maker which is 27mm in diameter, also from Daiso.


And my smallest button maker, 23mm in diameter. I bought this from my craft store (Spotlight NZ) and AS YOU CAN TELL THE QUALITY IS VERY DIFFERENT. The backings of the buttons are plastic, and the actual “pusher’s” plastic is different and a lot harder to use.

I bought these first because Daiso didn’t have their button makers in stock at the time – BUT luckily I checked yesterday because they were back in stock hehe.


Aaand now my first fabric button! The character Pocha Peng is used here because someone commented on my Instagram post that they would hope to see more of it.

PochaPeng button

Using the 3″ hoop, I placed the fabric in and made sure it was taut.┬áIf you look closely, you’ll see that I have drawn two circles and then Pocha Peng in the middle.

The larger circle is a template from the Daiso button making kits, and I just traced around the button for the smaller one. I also outline the character in darker thread, filling it in with lighter threads.


Then cut out the larger circle, and I cut out another smaller one to glue over the back. This is to make sure when I make the button, you won’t be able to see the metal underneath as this fabric isn’t the most opaque.

Preparing the fabric

Carefully arrange the fabric face down, and then place the button cover on top of it. (This is what it looks like from underneath)

Placing in button maker

*Excuse the watermark, this was taken from my instagram. ANYWAY, once the button cover is pushed, you have to pull the fabric and gather it reallllly tight. Then place the backing and push it all together.

Pushing the button

Pop it out and you’ll end up something like this.

PochaPeng button


I hope to make more buttons haha