[2017]Short Update

Hello there,

With university finally over and the break in between my work, I’ve picked up on embroidery. So far, it seems like I’m just colouring with thread and I thought I’d show you guys some of the pieces I’ve worked on so far.

As usual, I start off any new craft with Totoro.


And then I thought I’d craft some Neko Atsume. As you can see, I was experimenting with the textures that different stitches would create.

NekoAtsume Butt

Now something new, a character called Pocha Peng. I discovered this character through a sticker set on a chatting app. This was actually the first thing I made when I started to embroider. You can see my stitches are kind of messy.

Pocha peng dinosaur

And finally, this is my current work in progress. These images are all from the instagram account of the creator. You can see my pencil marks and outline, I think I’ll be finishing this piece sometime today


I’m thinking of buying a smaller embroidery hoop and potentially turning these pieces into patches. So far I kind of just have all these pieces of cloth with a character in the middle and it really seems like I’m wasting 90% of the fabric.

I was also thinking about buying a small fabric button maker/different types of fabric so I can create smaller pieces that are actually wearable – who knows!

On a side note, now that I’m finished being a student I’m admiring those who can actually make a living out of what they create. These days, creating things from clay isn’t the same as what it used to be. I constantly feel like I need to spend my time on honing on my skills so I can find a job in my degree…

I also find that I’m not as inspired as I used be – but I really hope to start making things as a hobby and potentially starting up my etsy again. We will see what happens hehe.

For now, let’s just see if I can post more updates on my blog hahaha

As usual, thanks for reading!


Totoro + Animals

Hello hello,

This is just something I made for a birthday a couple of months ago and didn’t get around to posting until now. Totoro was requested so … yup.

I had these boxes I bought from Daiso which are for displaying figurines, so I thought I’d make something inside them.

end result

Each animal represented someone, so yep.


Since I can’t actually bake the plastic, I lined the sides that I would work on with grease proof paper and taped it on with masking tape.

I make that part that Totoro would sleep in on the paper so I can get the form right when I baked it.

prepping box

another angle of beginning clay


This is what the inside would look like before I baked everything

Pre bake progress


It took several layers of paint on the sides of the container before it reached an opaque stage.

Adding paint

And then as usual I manage to mess up right before I complete it.
You can see the fingerprints I left on the container in the top image, and I basically did the worst job of trying to clean it off.

I ruined the plastic and had to move the whole scenery into another container (which is the completed image).

ruined plastic


This container had a lot more height to it.

To be honest, I didn’t want to paint the inside of it because I liked how “roomy” it looked like this.
But because I needed to blend in that green piece of clay, I had to paint a portion of it.
I also had to trim the the clay that sat on the base of the container.

new container

I used masking tape and created a guideline. I decided to go diagonal outwards from the centre.

Painted background

To blend in the edges of the green piece even more, I added texture using the acrylic paint.

At this point, I also started making the little animals. Each one is about 1cm in length and I went for the “realistic” take on the animals instead of the usual cartoon take.

Adding animals


Here are all the animals.
I did a pretty bad job on the paint, and I probably should have glazed it.





Aaand that’s about it.

end result


So Hello again,

It’s been a while right? I think this is the longest break I have ever taken from posting on this blog.

Forgive me …

School has definitely been hectic, and it’s going to be crazy until the last week (which is next week). So what this means is that I’ll soon be posting more often again!
Hopefully, in the holidays, I’ll be able to make more tutorials for you guys and new crafts to put up on my deviantArt + Etsy.

I am really sorry for being away for so long, but there just isn’t enough time to bum around and craft for fun anymore… I was lucky enough to take a uni course and that on top of my normal school work was crazy! I have never been so stressed and out of time before..

But, I’m glad to say that I should finally be back for these 2-3 weeks or so. I’ll try to craft as much as possible during my break so that even during school I’ll be able to have some regular posts for you guys ^^
I actually just ordered some super sculpey in beige and I hope to make some larger crafts with more details. Things like dragons and the like ^^

I should really be working on an assignment and studying for my  tests next week but I just had to update… u__u;

I do still check on my blog everyday, so I’ll still be able to reply to comments and questions , it’s just that I don’t have the time to make tutorials + edit + type up a tutorial.

So, just checking in to say that I am still alive , exhausted from school work, but still here to help you guys with crafts,,

Any requests for the next crafts you want to see are welcome as always,

Be back soon!


My Craft Corner #1

Hey guys !

It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize… hurhur, I’m even on holiday right now.
However, that will all end soon because I’m starting school next week Monday.. ah..didn’t even get to craft a lot these holidays.

NZ gets 2 week breaks everything schoool term (normally about 10 weeks) and I used to think that this was the LONGEST break ever, and now it just feels like there’s not enough time to do everything!
I had about two days (today + yesterday) for a birthday celebration with my friends – as my birthday is on the first day of school ! Ah… how … my birthday seems to always JUST miss that time between the holidays and term start. But yes, basically this whole week was spent going out preparing for ball, preparing for my birthday feast and then this weekend catching up on homework I hadn’t completed..

I feel like there’s no time for me to bum around TT__TT;; . ultimate torture..

So this is just a heads up on the future lack of(?) posts, as school will take over everything.. I’m pretty sure I’ll be having heaps of assignments and such so , ah, my blog will be lower on the priority list.


Anyway… let’s finally see my craft corner !

This is literally a small corner of my room next to my desk which holds ALL my crafting supplies… (Messy ?)

Crafting corner



And today, I’ll show you where I keep my findings and extras used for my creations!



My Pink mini storage box, those dividers can be taken out and changed to my preferences. Bought this in a japan dollar store for $3.33

Inside Pink box


And here is what it currently holds :



  • Oyumaru japanese molding clay that I bought a longlong time ago. This was back when I was trying to find alternatives to the two-part silicone putty for mold making. There was also an orange and yellow stick that came with this. Surprisingly this was bought in an nz online store for I think about $8 NZD
  • Felting needles that came with this animal felting kit bought from the japanese dollar store

clay extruder


  • Clay extruder and the discs that I recently ordered from ebay. This is not the sculpey extruder – which costs $28 NZD .. huehue instead this only cost me aout $8 NZD + free shipping

3 layer storage


My other storage box. Bought from a NZ home living store $5 (on special ahahahah)

first layer


First layer



  • Ear phone jack plugs
  • Two different size jumprings
  • Adjustable ring base

second row


  • Eyepins
  • 10cm long ball chains
  • Black half pearls (for felt plushies)
  • Berry shaped beads

second layer


Second layer



These are all the different keychain straps that I have, some bought from ebay, some bought from China.

Last Layer


Last layer

first row last layer


  • Paint mixing pans = pie bases
  • Small metal bowls , bought in NZ a long time ago as well. I think they cost me $8 for a pack of 6 ? Something like that..
  • Miniature glass cups + cake stand bought from China
  • My craft candies logo that I sometimes stick to packaging

last row last layer


  • Ribbon for felt creations, to attach the ball chain
  • Gift tags for when I send out packages
  • Earring hooks
  • Stud posts
  • Flower shaped earring stoppers .. aren’t they adorable…. it was either 250 of these flower shapes or 500 normal shaped rubber backs….. I can’t, I needed the flower shapes ahaha
  • Normal steel earring backs


And that’s the two mini storage boxes ^^
If you see in that image of my whole corner, I still have that colourful storage box. The first two drawers hold all my clay…. ahahha goes to show how little I own TT
I really need some more… luckily my creations are pretty small so the clay lasts longer than it should.. hurhur..

Thanks for reading !

Hope you liked looking through the findings and things I own  !
A lot of these are found on Ebay for cheap (in comparison to NZ), so I usually buy most of my craft findings and such there. I only choose the free shipping ones so I really recommend you guys to buy from there if it’s too expensive locally. I have a visa debit card ( a visa card, but is debit because it uses my own money) so it makes everything a lot easier – it’s annoying when you don’t have one right ? Dat feeling when you don’t have one.. I know so well…



Jiji’s Family ! [ Bottle art ]

Hello Hello !

So I finallyfinally finished the custom request from my Etsy ^^ !!
The person wanted Jiji and his family from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s delivery service,,

I really wanted to replicate him and his family on that ledge with all the ivy and stuff everywhere, but it was really hard to get the bricks and such…
Originally, I thought of not covering the whole base of the bottle like I usually do, and just have this chunk of white in the middle as the ledge. Then  I thought about the scale of Jiji and the other cats and how small I would have to make them…. can’t… do that yet..

So yes ,

Here is what the bottle first looked like :



Made Jiji and his little black kitten that looks just like him, at this point I didn’t know how to even begin making the other kittens TT



But here they are… can you see the scale ? Ahahaha, soooo tiny and cute !
As you can see, the face details are pret-ty minimal..  like two dots for the eyes and then this faint pink for their noses



And here is the whole family completed ! Thank to some fingerprint on my camera, the photos arent very clear… ah,,



Here is a closer image, ^^ This was taken and sent to the buyer to make sure it was okay, and to let them make any changes hurhur


And today it was shipped !!



All my packaging for my creations get sent like this.

  • Gift bag
  • Bubble wrapped creation
  • For bottle art, I give 4 jump rings and and eyepin just in case they want to make it into a pendant . It’s in that little clear bag with my logo on it hurhur
  • And then a little twist gift message thing (?) Idk what its called



All packaged and ready to go !


This is why I couldn’t take better pictures… ahahah, it was already bubble wrapped and everything. I didn’t even realise the images were slightly blurry until I started to edit them for this blog. Ah..

So here’s the mini update.
I have a 6 day holiday so I will definitely spend a whole day just making tutorials for you guys.

Hopefully this is the break I need to finally update all my CraftCandies platforms

Thanks for reading !


Im Baaack :D

Hello Hello,,

I’m finally back from China -phew-
A lot of things happened so I ended up coming back on the 28th and now I’m just slowly unpacking both my luggage and the boxes from when I moved houses.

I didn’t get to buy many craft supplies at all…. TT___TT It seems  will have to rely on Ebay for a little bit longer.
Turns out my relatives didn’t really know where to go specifically to buy raw materials,, but that’s okay.

I did however buy a couple of items which is better than nothing ^^.



Felt book

Managed to find this adorable felt book, cost me about $5 NZD





Felt book 2

Also found these two felt books. There were two other books in this series but one was crochet and another was just random DIY projects. This is insanely cute and helpful so I’ll be making things out of these very soon. I also hope to be able to scan some patterns up ,, but I’ll have to look into whether I’m allowed to or not ( I should do as long as the patterns aren’t being used to generate money though).

Or else I’ll just try to upload similiar patterns. … that I may or may not have traced or drew myself…

One cost $5 NZD and the other about $5.70 NZD.

Cheap right ? Ah

CellphoneStrapsCellphone straps.

The blue and pink ones cost 3 cents RMB for one, so it was $30 RMB for one hundred. I bought 50 of each colour so in total about $6 NZD spent on this type.
The black and red ones cost me 10 RMB, so about $2 NZD for each bundle. I’m not actually sure how many is in each bundle… probably about 50 as well.


Now these are mini drinking glasses. They are actually used for drinking white wine (? I think ) and are kind of small.
They cost me $3 RMB each and I bought 6 of the first glass and 12 of the second one. I’m thinking about using them as sundae cups of some sort.



Acrylic paints, just the primary colours and classic black and white :D
I think it was about $7 – 8 NZD for this box. I’m not sure because I went to a place where you could haggle ^^. In these places, none of the items have a price on them ahahaha



Pastels. Now these were slightly more expensive being about $20 NZD for this box. However it’s still cheaper than the ones in NZ.
The pastels I have now are in 24 colours and are only about 3 cm long….. even then it cost me $18 NZD. And the ones of bought in China are full size as well ! Should be able to use that for a long long time :D


So there you go,, this all the craft items I got from China. I’m pretty sure that if I knew where to go, I would’ve come back with HEAPS of things… ahahah
But for now I’m happiest about those felt books, I’ll be working out of those for a while and just making short tutorials on basics (like making fruits and tart bases). I also hope to reopen my Etsy ASAP with new listings and start posting regularly again.

But for now, I will be quickly unpacking my boxes and luggage as all my craft supplies are still packed away ^^

Till then,

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Adventure time in a frame

Hello my reader :D

Today’s post was meant to be on the other gaming consoles, but someone requested the chibi from my Adventure time frame, so here it is how I made the whole thing….ahaha..^^.

This tutorial is faily simple, and you can basically replace the characters with whoever you want.


Before you start, you’ll need some sort of photo frame. Except my one has a large gap on the inside. I’m not sure what its’ original purpose was for … ^^;;
Paint the outside with whatever you want (in my case, LSP colours), and then glaze.

Now for the characters…




  • Light blue
  • Dark blue
  • White
  • Skin colour ( White + little bit of pink + little bit of orange)


  • Yellow

Other character (which is my friend. Use any colour you want)

  • Black
  • Skin colour
  • Dark olive green


  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Light tan
  • Green
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint

Making Finn

  • You will need three different sized blobs of clay: Light blue (largest), White (second to largest) and dark blue (smallest)
  • Make them into cylinder shapes and stick them on top of each other.
  • To make sure they all stick together seamlessly, just roll it a little bit. Not too much.
  • Using any tool, make an indent of where Finn’s face will be.
  • Then take a small blob of skin coloured clay, and fill that hole.
  • Smooth out any uneven edges.
  • Roll out a white log and cut the rounded edges – these are Finn’s ears
  • Attach and blend onto his hat.

Making Jake

  • Now for jake, separate the yellow into two. One for the body and tiny blob for details (ears and jowls)
  • For this, simply roll out a log. I placed it next to Finn to make sure they end up being around the same size.
  • Flatten, and make the bottom edge straight.
  • Attach ears and his jowls



  • For the chibi , I stuck a skin coloured blob onto a rectangular blob of green
  • I flattened them together and cut out a collar from the excess green.
  • I dotted a pocket, and added some details on to the jacket.

Chicbi 2

  • For the hair, roll black clay into a long-ish strip. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the chibis’ head.
  • Cut the bottom edge of the clay so it’s straight for the bangs. (fringe)
  • Using your razor blade, make hair patterns onto it.
  • Now, cut the bangs to size. Cut it so that it wraps around the head of your chibi + the top of the head
  • Then with excess clay, roll it out again.
  • Cut it to the length you want the hair to be, and attach it onto the rest of the chibi’s head.
  • Blend away any visible edges.


  • I forgot to take picture for LSP but basically, roll out the purple into small blobs.
  • Make an outline with the blobs, fill in the middle and blend away allllll the edges. (Like the second image)
  • Then you’re done ^^

All characters

  • Here are all of the characters.
  • They have been baked, and mostly painted. You can see that Jake still needs his eyes ^^;;
  • GRass


  • Now for presenting them, place the three main characters you want onto a blob of green
  • Add some patterns into it using a rounded tool
  • Then take the characters out, and bake the green.
  • Once it is out of the oven, cool it and then use some glue to stick the characters back into the indents you made from pushing them in.


  • Using hot glue, I stuck LSP and the waving snail onto the background piece.



  • Hot glue the characters into the frame, and place the background in ^^


And you’re done !

Ofc, you can replace whatever you want into this frame. The characters are all super easy to make so get creative !

I hope this was helpful ^^
Thanks for reading !