[Tutorial] Gaming series : Wii Remote

Hi there,

I’m not even going to comment on how long it’s been hahaha.

But as you guys know, even though I’m not “active” in posting anything, I still do check emails on the daily. I definitely do read comments that get posted on my blog.

Today’s one is actually something I made four years ago. Has it been THAT long already?
I didn’t actually put this tutorial together until JUST now. Luckily I still had the images lying in my harddrive somewhere.

So here we go, it’s fairly short



white clay

  • White clay
  • Translucent clay
  • Blue clay (Optional)
  • Red clay (Optional)
  • Blue paint (Optional)
  • Red paint (Optional)

So the reason why I say that some of these are optional is because it depends on your own preference. Since the remote was so small, I got lazy and just painted the whole buttons red and blue. If you are lazy too, you can either paint or use red/blue clay.

rectangle shape

  • Roll out the clay into a log shape and flatten
  • Take your razor blade and trim into a rectangle


  • Round off the edges
  • Roll out a thin sheet of clay and cut the arrow pad out from it.
  • Roll out however many buttons that are on the remote and arrange accordingly.
  • Use translucent clay for the button under the arrow pad.
  • Paint on the details on each button




Aaand that’s it.

Super easy and short right ?
Anyway, forgive me for such a lazy tutorial, there’s not much I can write about how to make it ahahaha. It’s only some small circles on top of a rectangle.

Hope you enjoy !

Thanks for reading as usual, I am definitely still alive.




Hello again my readers ,,

As you know, I’ve been very slack in my update of this blog for the past (nearly) a year.
Looking at my posts, it’s been about 4 months since I last made anything at all.

I know I keep posting things like ” I’ll be back soon!” “Busy now , but crafting asap !” ,, but honestly, I don’t think I can anymore.

It’s not that I’m fully ditching this blog, but I feel like there isn’t anymore inspiration to craft anymore. I really haven’t touched my clay in a longlong time.
I think it’s because after starting this blog, I felt pressured to make things and update on a 4-5 day basis.

In the beginning, it was alright because I had holidays and there were so many rements I wanted to re-create and so many different fanart I wanted to make – but now that I’ve made most of the things I wanted to ,, I’m kind of slowing down on this crafting adventure..

So what am I saying?

Just apologizing for being away so long, and giving a heads up that you’ll probably see more long breaks like this one in the future.

I actually started university this year and I just know that I won’t have time to keep pumping out posts every 4-5 days like I did about a year ago.

So I’m not making any promises on this post, but I’ll definitely try to post maybe once every month? Orrr every two months ? Ah… this is getting difficult..

Again, it’s a lot easier if you have requests for me since I don’t have to go through this process of choosing what to make heh.

Also, I have a proper instagram now (not linked to my personal one)


If you search it up, you’ll actually see my latest creation which is this Yogurt Berry Smoothie ^^
I would post it here but my USB cable is faulty so I can’t transfer images from my phone at the moment.

So yep..

I’ll see you guys soon and hopefully I’ll have time to make proper tutorials for you again.


Thanks for reading !


My Craft Supplies

Hello my reader,,

This post is just going to contain all the brands that I use when I craft. I lost my USB somewhere so at the moment I can’t transfer any images to my computer for uploading.
Prepare yourself for a block of text..

So here you go:


Polymer clay

-Super Sculpey ( I use this for most of my sculptures)
-Sculpey III
-Fimo soft
-Fimo Classics

Liquid Clay

-Translucent Liquid Sculpey
-Fimo Deco Gel


-DecoArt Triple Thick
-Fimo glaze


Findings can be found here: [Link]
Old post to my original supplies here: [Link]


In addition to those materials, if you are just starting out I recommend you have the following:

Smooth work surface:
A lot of people use tiles, craft cutting boards or some sort of ceramic or glass surface. I use a small little ceramic plate that I found at my dollar store. That’s the stripey background you see a lot in my tutorials.

Pastels & Acrylic paint:
These are very important when you are making miniatures. The pastels will help you add that extra realistic detail you can’t achieve with polymer clay alone.
If you make sculptures then Acrylic paint is for painting your sculpture instead of using coloured sculpey which can get burnt or collect fingerprints/dust when you work on it a lot.


-Needle Tool – At first you could use toothpicks and needles but please invest in a needle tool, it will save you a lot of time.
-Razor blade – I use long ones and short ones. Also invest in a precision razor blade tool
-Toothbrush – For texture
– Aluminium foil – You can use these for making the interior of clay sculptures or for textures
-Sand paper – Fine sandpaper so you can sand down creations
-Embossing tool / rounded tool – This is really helpful for blending or just sculpting in general
Molding putty  This is not necessarily needed but when you make things in bulk, this is helpful to have. Also you can use this to take texture from real life items and make the clay duplicate. This is quite expensive though( esp in New Zealand)
Wire – This is is only if you are thinking about making sculptures. This just allows you to create a more sturdy base structure
– Pliers – For cutting eyepins, shaping wire etc



So there we go

This is everything that I use when I craft and I’ll update as I find more helpful items ^^

Thanks for reading !


Quick update + my instagram


Ok so, my exams will all be completed in three weeks time, in which I will finally start crafting again!

So far, I have about 4-5 unfinished sculptures just hanging around and I usually don’t post anything up until they’re baked + painted + glazed.

Because of that, my blog posts aren’t that frequent, so I created an instagram for those who do wish to keep track of my progress and personal life.  I would separate my personal life and  crafting into two separate accounts but it just feels too tedious to me, so I guess you can use this instagram to get to know me better too ^^.

Feel free to follow me and tag  me in any of your own creations that you have made following my tutorials ^^
I would love to see them !!

Thanks for reading and waiting !


(15. 03 . 14 Update )

Instagram: @Craftcandies

Is updated whenever I craft, although you’ll probably be seeing a lot of my older posts.

My Craft Corner #1

Hey guys !

It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize… hurhur, I’m even on holiday right now.
However, that will all end soon because I’m starting school next week Monday.. ah..didn’t even get to craft a lot these holidays.

NZ gets 2 week breaks everything schoool term (normally about 10 weeks) and I used to think that this was the LONGEST break ever, and now it just feels like there’s not enough time to do everything!
I had about two days (today + yesterday) for a birthday celebration with my friends – as my birthday is on the first day of school ! Ah… how … my birthday seems to always JUST miss that time between the holidays and term start. But yes, basically this whole week was spent going out preparing for ball, preparing for my birthday feast and then this weekend catching up on homework I hadn’t completed..

I feel like there’s no time for me to bum around TT__TT;; . ultimate torture..

So this is just a heads up on the future lack of(?) posts, as school will take over everything.. I’m pretty sure I’ll be having heaps of assignments and such so , ah, my blog will be lower on the priority list.


Anyway… let’s finally see my craft corner !

This is literally a small corner of my room next to my desk which holds ALL my crafting supplies… (Messy ?)

Crafting corner



And today, I’ll show you where I keep my findings and extras used for my creations!



My Pink mini storage box, those dividers can be taken out and changed to my preferences. Bought this in a japan dollar store for $3.33

Inside Pink box


And here is what it currently holds :



  • Oyumaru japanese molding clay that I bought a longlong time ago. This was back when I was trying to find alternatives to the two-part silicone putty for mold making. There was also an orange and yellow stick that came with this. Surprisingly this was bought in an nz online store for I think about $8 NZD
  • Felting needles that came with this animal felting kit bought from the japanese dollar store

clay extruder


  • Clay extruder and the discs that I recently ordered from ebay. This is not the sculpey extruder – which costs $28 NZD .. huehue instead this only cost me aout $8 NZD + free shipping

3 layer storage


My other storage box. Bought from a NZ home living store $5 (on special ahahahah)

first layer


First layer



  • Ear phone jack plugs
  • Two different size jumprings
  • Adjustable ring base

second row


  • Eyepins
  • 10cm long ball chains
  • Black half pearls (for felt plushies)
  • Berry shaped beads

second layer


Second layer



These are all the different keychain straps that I have, some bought from ebay, some bought from China.

Last Layer


Last layer

first row last layer


  • Paint mixing pans = pie bases
  • Small metal bowls , bought in NZ a long time ago as well. I think they cost me $8 for a pack of 6 ? Something like that..
  • Miniature glass cups + cake stand bought from China
  • My craft candies logo that I sometimes stick to packaging

last row last layer


  • Ribbon for felt creations, to attach the ball chain
  • Gift tags for when I send out packages
  • Earring hooks
  • Stud posts
  • Flower shaped earring stoppers .. aren’t they adorable…. it was either 250 of these flower shapes or 500 normal shaped rubber backs….. I can’t, I needed the flower shapes ahaha
  • Normal steel earring backs


And that’s the two mini storage boxes ^^
If you see in that image of my whole corner, I still have that colourful storage box. The first two drawers hold all my clay…. ahahha goes to show how little I own TT
I really need some more… luckily my creations are pretty small so the clay lasts longer than it should.. hurhur..

Thanks for reading !

Hope you liked looking through the findings and things I own  !
A lot of these are found on Ebay for cheap (in comparison to NZ), so I usually buy most of my craft findings and such there. I only choose the free shipping ones so I really recommend you guys to buy from there if it’s too expensive locally. I have a visa debit card ( a visa card, but is debit because it uses my own money) so it makes everything a lot easier – it’s annoying when you don’t have one right ? Dat feeling when you don’t have one.. I know so well…



Pricing ?

Hello Hello,

So recently, I’ve been browsing around Etsy and such and for me, looking at some of the items and prices and I’m start to think about how I’ve been pricing things.
Sometimes, I see studs (polymer clay ones mind you) that probs cost less than $5 to make , sell for $20

So now I’m thinking, am I pricing my creations wrong? Is it too cheap ? My Totoro bottle took about 4 hours to make (according to the time stamps  of the original images), and it takes even more material than those studs and I’m selling for $15 USD.
But at the same time, I know how hard making these are, and they do take a lot of time and skill and I guess that’s what make people sell them for that much
So then I decided to go and do some more research. I’ve done this before setting up my etsy, but I actually calculated everything this time:

See this article [Link], it’s Etsy’s page on how to price your creations.

Taking my Totoro bottle as an example:



  • Polymer Clay : About $2 ( considering I take small chunks off different colours)
  • Glass bottle: 80 cents
  • Packaging: 50 cents
  • Bubble wrap: 40 cents
  • Sellotape: Lol probs like 5 cents


  • 4 hours ( according to online, should be the minimum wage of my country = $13.75)
  • = $55
  • After tax = 47.83


  • Etsy listing fee: 0.23 NZD
  • Etsy sale fee = 3.5% of sale price (assuming I sell at $15)


  • Profit would be nice. Lol

= Wholesale x 2 (what does this mean? All those calculations x 2?)

  • If so : Adding all those previous ones = 52.33
  • x 2 = 104.66

$ 104. 66


So. Assuming I did all the calculations correct, my glass bottles should sell for $104.66 , which is ridiculous.


Let’s try another one [Link]

Time x $NZ minimum wage:

  • 4 hours * 13.75 = $55
  • After tax (15%) = $47.83 (2 dp)

+ 2(cost of materials) from the above calculations of materials + expenses
= 2(4.51)
= $ 9.02

x 1.1 = 
= $9.91

Wholesale price (everything added together)
=$ 57.74

Retail = wholesale x 2
= $ 115.48

Okay, so this is even worse , $ 115.48


So what am I doing with my pricing? I honestly don’t know.

For me, I’ve always set the prices at the price I would pay for the creation.
Like, if I set my bottles at $30-50, I really don’t think anyone would pay for them. Adding the shipping overseas, the total cost for this 4cm glass bottle = $40-60 USD.

I honestly don’t think I would end up selling anything at all. The listings that I put up cost me 0.20 USD each and expire I think after 3 or 4 months. If no one buys anything, then that just means more of a loss for me.
And also, I guess I’m just not too worried about gaining any profit because most of these creations are just made as my hobby. Since I’ve started crafting with polymer clay, I have spend hundreds on materials alone (up to now) and I never really kept track of all my expenses (which I should do – but hey I was 14 at the time).

Can you tell I’m really confused right now ?
Also, I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t follow those (above) methods to a T.

What do I dooooooo ????


I’ll end this post here because I actually have this thing due for school tomorrow.
Thanks for reading to the end !