So I’ve been crafting..

Hello Hello !

It’s been about a week and I have finally finished unpacking and have started to craft again !
Sorry it’s been so long TT

In these next few weeks, I’m going to start concentrating on more felt projects – I’ll be working partly out of those books and will have tutorials up in a few days of many basics.

For now, here is what I’ve been working on :



Animal Cakes inspired by this image :



My version :


Adventure Time’s : Snow Gollem ( Season 3 : Thank you )

This one is actually a gift for a friend ^^



So here’s what I’ve made so far !
As usual, tutorials will be up within the next week as will the felt ones following after.

Any questions or requests , please pm or comment below ^^


Thanks for reading !


Adventure Time’s Waving Snail !

Waving Snail

I’m going to be making a set of characters Adventure Time themed ^^
I don’t want to sell this on Etsy as one item because shipping is just not worth it. I’ll be making a lot of ‘sets’ in the holidays so that shipping will actually be worth the price of the items all together ^^

Also…. this is the first time I’ve used a “real life” background for my creations :D ! I thought it was only suitable to put the waving snail in the garden ohoho… can you tell I need to mow my lawn ?
Be waiting !


Getting Started : Felt

Hello hello,

Later this week, I’ll actually be making something out of felt, so I thought I’d  start it off with a “Getting started” post. Now, when I say felt, I don’t mean needle felting, I just mean making things out of felt – meaning Plushies . Oh yes.

Basic equipment

  • 1. Felt. Obviously, you’ll need this before you start making ANY craft.
    My friend actually gave me a chunk off her supplies after she came back from HK. I imagine the felt there are also way cheaper than NZ ಠ_ಠ. It looks nice here because I haven’t actually used these yet. I still have a lot of A4 size squares that still need to be used. 
  • 2. Thread. Another obvious one, as it’s used to sew your creation together. You can also use embroidery thread – it definitely looks better because its more thick and outlines your creation better.
  • 3. Needles. Yet another essential. I think it’s pretty self explanatory.
  • 4. Pins. Extremely helpful as it help keeps your creation pieces in place as you sew. Also used to pin the template/patten to the felt so you can cut accurately.
  • 5.These are optional. These are bits and pieces that I use to make my felt creations into keychains.
  • 6. Scissors. Fabric scissors are best, but a pair of nice sharp scissors work well too. Obviously used to cut out your fabric + pattern.

Closer look at equipmentHere is a closer look at the items ^^^

A lot of times, I just draw up my own patterns free hand. I don’t really have any nice books in NZ to cut out templates from. There are a lot on the web, but the really good ones, I find are in the asian felt books where they have the cutest plushies of food or whatever.

Adventure time Fin and Jake plush
Here is an example of what I make out of felt. This is Jake and Finn from Adventure time + papercrafts I printed off from it’s website.
This was for my friend’s secret santa, and I stayed up ALL night making it  T__T.

A lot of the times, I make up things as I go so it does take me a while to really get it right (unless I already have instructions + pattern). Depending on how many different pieces there are on a plushie, the longer it takes. Even the really small ones, phewww (we’re talking hours).  My scanner is broken right now, so for my upcoming tutorials, I don’t know if I can provide the pattern. I will as soon as it is fixed though.

As always, if you have any requests, comments or feedback, leave down below