[Felt Crafts] # 6 – The Pineapple and Apple Slice

Hey guys !

Today’s felt craft will be the Pineapple and Apple slices, they are super easy so I compiled them into one post.

Enjoy !


Materials – Apple


  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Glue


  • The size of the apple slice depends on you , so draw how big/ shape you want it to be
  • The thickness also depends on you so pin the template on however many pieces of felt – In my case , 3 layers
  • Cut out around the template
  • Cut out a strip of red – don’t worry about how accurate it is , you can always trim the felt after you stick it on


  • Glue the pieces of ‘apple’ on top of each other
  • Glue the strip of red around the apple
  • Trim away any excess felt

And thats it ! Easy yes ?

Materials – Pineapple


  • Yellow felt
  • Yellow thread
  • Draw the shape of your pineapple slice
  • Layer it onto another piece – thickness is up to you
  • Pin pieces together
  • Using yellow thread, sew on the lines
  • Cut around the template
  • Glue around the edges to make sure the layers stay together


And that’s both of them ^^


Next is the Watermelon slice and the Kiwifruit :D

Thanks for reading !


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Hello Kitty Cake

This is the improved Hello Kitty Cake I made from last year ^^
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Oho, the shape is better and also, it’s neopolitan ‘flavoured’.

Apple Pie

This is the Apple pie I made..
Listing : [Link]
Remember in my other post where I showed you my craft box ? I decided to see how well those paint mixing tins were as pie tins so yes… it’s perfect… ahaha

Thanks for reading !