New bottle art

New bottle art

* Totoro sleeping in a bottle (The scene before Mei finds him)
* Resetti from Animal Crossing

Tutorials of these will be up soonsoon



Biggest fail yet…

So hello…

Today I finally started on a craft that is, the long requested bottle art.
I had everything planned and sketched out and I starting making it at around 3:32 pm ( 2/10/12) and should have finished it at around 12:20 am (3/10/12)

Yes. That is how long it took me….. almost 9 HOURS ! CRAZY

I’m seriously so gutted right now,, ah
I started making the “Howl’s moving castle” bottle art and instead of having flat grass like normal, I had mini hills.
I’m not good at making ‘human’ characters so Howl and Sophie weren’t included in this creation. Instead, I planned to include the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

Let me show you some pictures T__T I was making the tutorial as I was making it.


Before grass


My attempt at photographing the “hills”

Burnt dog

First signs that I was going to fail. I burnt the first dog I made. Next to it is another one thats wayyyyyy smaller


Here it measures about 0.4 cm…. and since it was so tiny, when I was trying to hold it to draw the face on, it crumbled to pieces.

So I gave up and added the plank of wood instead (the one that they sit on while Sophie saves Howl) Creative right ? ahahah = ”= No.



The Scarecrow and Calicifer…. I know it looks a bit dirty ahahah, I cleaned it up but I don’t have any before shots before I baked them in a bottle.



Left it in for too long . Oh my life. Look how scary Calicifer looks… I should not have glazed him







After taking everything out. Look how burnt the scarecrow is ! I’m so sad… I spent the most on him. I had to bake him for every single piece I added because he was so small and delicate.


So there we go.
My biggest fail yet. Honestly, this wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t spend almost 9 hours on this.
I have failed before but those are so minor compared to this one… ah.

Well, this just means you’ll have to wait longer. I’m sorry :/
I think this has to do with the oven I used. Since the items were so small, using the normal oven was a waste of electricity so I switched to a tiny one (microwave size). Since the items were MUCH closer to the heat, I guess I got careless and just placed them in for the same time as I usually do.

No one to blame but me..

Thanks for reading !
Sorry for making you guys wait so long..