Tutorial : Banana (sort of)

Hello helloo,,
So in this post, I want to show you how pastels can make a big difference to your creations. Along the way, I guess you can learn how to make a banana haha – though, I’m not sure what purpose you would have for it.. ^^;;

Banana Colours

For the Banana, I used three colours. Yellow (Du-kit), white (sculpey) and Sunshine (sculpey). Sunshine is basically a baby yellow.

  • Mix the baby yellow colour with the white. This is the flesh of the Banana.

Banana Shape

  • Roll the Banana flesh into a log (sorry the log looks white here =”=)
  • Make the ends more narrow than the centre and then shape it like a Banana.

Banana Skin

  • Roll out the yellow clay, and use your razor blade to cut out three “long leaf” shapes (as shown).
  • Arrange around the Banana
  • Blend the edges together and curl the top ends downwards. Also, define the inedible part of the banana at the end.

Green pastel Shading

Phew, here is the purpose of the post haha,,

  • Take a light green pastel and shade the bottom part of the banana. It depends on how ripe you want your banana to be.

Brown shading

  • Now take a dark brown pastel ( excuse my mutilated pastel ), and shade the very bottom of the banana.
  • You can also add more textures or brown onto your Banana, I just got lazy.


  • Bake according to the instructions and voilĂ , your Banana is complete !
So, I hope you see how much of a difference pastels can make to your creations. In the future, I hope to show you more cases where pastels can really complete the overall look (:
If you have any suggestions or requests, just leave a comment.