Tutorial : Basic textures

If you’re just starting polymer clay, here are some basic textures you should know:

Cake texture

Cake texture: Take a pointed sharp tool (toothpick will work), make small light circles onto the clay. Overlap the circles to make the surface appear “crumby”. Its basically making small scribbles, teasing the clay.

Ice Cream texture

Ice Cream texture: This one is slightly harder to explain. Basically what you want to do is take a piece of clay and using your fingers drag the clay downwards (starting from the centre). (At the same time) use your thumbs to push the centre of the clay upwards.

Biscuit and bread texture

  • The Biscuit texture is more like the pattern =’= sorry. Its pretty self explanatory, just take the pointed tool (or toothpick) and make dots into the clay. This texture can also be used for cakes when you’re lazy.
  • The Bread/Cookie texture is also self explanatory, take an old toothbrush and lightly press it into the clay.

There we go :D
So, these are just some basic ones I think you should know when you first start out. You can get creative and make up textures for different creations. I hope I explained it well enough :/, its kind of hard using words.

If you can any questions, just pm or leave a comment down below.