[Bottle Art] Update

Hello Readers,

Just a small post updating you on what I’ve made.

Posts are getting much more infrequent, and inspiration / time is at a low right now.

One thing I have been learning towards is making something from scratch that I’ve drawn, so maybe there will be a post for that in the future.

Totoro waiting by the bus stop

Both bottles measuring 4cm in height with the cork, and 2cm in diameter.

Sorry for being so inactive, I imagine that it’ll continue this way for a while.

Thanks for reading as usual ! I’ll try my best !



[Big Hero 6 ] Baymax


Baymax is approximately 1.3cm tall sitting in his own glass bottle.
Height of bottle is 4cm including the cork, and 2cm in diameter.

I thought the combination of colours were a bland, so I wrapped some red twine around the neck of the bottle.

Just something I quickly made for the sake of an update heh.

Thanks for reading !


(Requests are always open btw.. it seems like I’m just not inspired by anything to make craft lately)

Tutorial : Totoro sleeping in a bottle

Hello hello,

Long time no post again..
Just posting to say that I’m actually on holiday in a week. However, it’s also coming up to my end of year exams, so I can’t promise the amount of new posts you’ll be seeing.

Although, after 22 November I’ll be truely free :D ! YEY


For now, Totoro sleeping in a bottle.




  • Brown clay
  • Dark green clay
  • Light green clay
  • Super sculpey
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Yellow Acrylic paint
  • Miniature glass bottle w/ cork
  • Deco gel or TLS

Adding Base

  • Mix the dark green and light green clay until you get a shade you want (mix enough of this colour to be able to make the whole background)
  • Add a small drop of TLS or deco gel in the bottom of the glass bottle.
  • Take out a small piece of the green clay and place it in the bottom to make the base
  • Even it out using a tool. As usual I chose my ball tool to add that texture

Adding Back


  • For this part, I used two different tweezer tools
  • Take some clay and place it in the bottle. Press it into the side of the glass
  • Take any tool you have (like a paintbrush etc), and use that to spread the clay around onto the sides of the class
  • I used the tweezers to help me to this, plus even out the surface

Complted back


  • With the rest of the clay, place it in the bottle. There needs to be enough so that you’ll be able to make the indent for Totoro to sit in.
  • You can see some texture I added by tweezers and needle tools

Adding more


  • Using tools, create an indent in which Totoro would be placed in.
  • There isn’t a set method to achieve this, so just play around and use angled tools (in my case, Tweezers) to create texture and the shape



  • Take a small blob of super sculpey and make it so that one end is slightly narrower than the bottom end
  • Take some smaller blobs, flatten them and place it on the base shape
  • Using a very fine needle tool ( I used a real needle), add the texture which would be Totoro’s fur. I used the same technique as from my original Totoro in a bottle

Adding head


  • Bake for about 5-10 minutes
  • Then, take some more smaller blobs and create Totoros’ arm and his snout. You only need one arm because you’ll only be able to see one side of him
  • Bake for about 5-10 minutes



  • Take TINY blobs of clay and create his ears ( I accidently made my ears crooked)
  • Bake for 5 minutes

Testing in bottle


  • Place it in the background you made. You may have to adjust the indent slightly to that Tototor fits nice and snug



  • Using black, white and yellow paint mix light grey and light yellow



  • Add Totoro’s base coats,
  • I find that in order to get a really smooth coat, mixing the acrylic with water really helps
  • Once everything is as smooth as you like it to be, add tiny details such as his whiskers, eyes, nose and fur arrow things ^ ahahah

Painted completely


  • Here he is completely painted
  • You can really see there how crooked his ears were….



  • Add some TLS in the place where Totoro would sit and place him in
  • It looked a little empty so I made a tree stump with the brown clay
  • Bake whole bottle for about 10 minutes




Here he is completed !


Overall, it took me about 5 hours to make him ^^
I hope this tutorial was easy enough to understand !

Thanks for reading ^^



Howl’s Moving castle ( Ver. 1 )


So after that failure that happened to me, I started to make it again the next morning.
And this time I succeeded !

Here it is :
And the listing : [Link]

Howls moving castle

I know it looks a bit boring,  but I don’t know….
It was way to hard to make Sophie, Howl or the actual castle,, so for now just the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

In the future, I hope to remake this creation and improve it, I’m not really satisfied with this verison at the moment =”=

In other news, I was going through my blog entries and WOW
Tutorials have not been up for so long ! The last one was for Rilakkuma felt plush but other than that, they’re just boring posts about how busy I am.

Sorry guize, I have been way too off track the purpose of this blog.
I promise to post a tutorial for something within the next couple of days (Y) ^^

For now, does anyone have any particular requests ? That way I can post tutorials quicker because I know what exactly to make it for ohoo,,

Anyway, thanks for reading !
And I hope you like this creation so far


Biggest fail yet…

So hello…

Today I finally started on a craft that is, the long requested bottle art.
I had everything planned and sketched out and I starting making it at around 3:32 pm ( 2/10/12) and should have finished it at around 12:20 am (3/10/12)

Yes. That is how long it took me….. almost 9 HOURS ! CRAZY

I’m seriously so gutted right now,, ah
I started making the “Howl’s moving castle” bottle art and instead of having flat grass like normal, I had mini hills.
I’m not good at making ‘human’ characters so Howl and Sophie weren’t included in this creation. Instead, I planned to include the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

Let me show you some pictures T__T I was making the tutorial as I was making it.


Before grass


My attempt at photographing the “hills”

Burnt dog

First signs that I was going to fail. I burnt the first dog I made. Next to it is another one thats wayyyyyy smaller


Here it measures about 0.4 cm…. and since it was so tiny, when I was trying to hold it to draw the face on, it crumbled to pieces.

So I gave up and added the plank of wood instead (the one that they sit on while Sophie saves Howl) Creative right ? ahahah = ”= No.



The Scarecrow and Calicifer…. I know it looks a bit dirty ahahah, I cleaned it up but I don’t have any before shots before I baked them in a bottle.



Left it in for too long . Oh my life. Look how scary Calicifer looks… I should not have glazed him







After taking everything out. Look how burnt the scarecrow is ! I’m so sad… I spent the most on him. I had to bake him for every single piece I added because he was so small and delicate.


So there we go.
My biggest fail yet. Honestly, this wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t spend almost 9 hours on this.
I have failed before but those are so minor compared to this one… ah.

Well, this just means you’ll have to wait longer. I’m sorry :/
I think this has to do with the oven I used. Since the items were so small, using the normal oven was a waste of electricity so I switched to a tiny one (microwave size). Since the items were MUCH closer to the heat, I guess I got careless and just placed them in for the same time as I usually do.

No one to blame but me..

Thanks for reading !
Sorry for making you guys wait so long..




Tutorial : Aang and Appa in a bottle + A break until mock exams are over.

Hello Hello,,

Turns out, I actually had another tutorial left for you guys wahaha !
This time, it’s Aang and Appa in the glass bottle. I think that this was definitely one of the harder creations to make because it had to be so small ! Aang should have been smaller, but he was aready at like 1.4mm width…. it was too hard to make him any smaller than that ><.

Here is the listing on Etsy <– link !

Also, I apologize in advance for some of these images…. it was really late at night (as usual =”=), and since I had to zoom in a lot with my camera, the quality isn’t the best.

So let’s go !





  • An off white clay
  • Dark brown ( you can see that I’m about to mix the clay haha)
  • White and black acrylic paint
  • Black clay
  • Brown acrylic paint (if you don’t have it, just mix the primary colours together)


  • Orange
  • Flesh coloured clay
  • Light blue acrylic paint
  • Yellow or gold clay


  • Translucent clay
  • Blue clay
  • Deco gel
  • Blue pastel
  • Glass bottle (ofc)


  • For the base, take the light blue clay and squish it to the bottom.
  • I used my round tool and pushed it out.
  • For random see through(ish) bits, add little blobs of translucent clay


  • Then for the iceberg , take a blob of translucent clay, and squish it using the opening of the bottle. This is so you know how big the iceberg needs to be
  • Cut off the excess
  • For  the water effect, mix deco gel and blue pastel together

Adding TLS

  • Carefully add in the TLS into the bottom, spread it around using a tool
  • Make sure you don’t touch the sides of the bottle, it becomes a pain to clean T__T (But if you do, just use a q-tip and clean it. Try not to swish it around too much or you will end up spreading the deco gel. One hard swipe it enough !
  • Then, draw a little circle so that you’ll have a template of how big Appa should be


  • Before you make Appa, make the iceberg.
  • Place that piece of translucent clay into the bottle.
  • Use a tool, squish out the middle, and make a space for Appa to be.
  • Use tweezers and pinch out the edges


  • For Appa, make a round body + a tail like totoro.
  • Roll out a thin log.
  • Cut off about 6 pieces and squish one end. Those are Appa’s legs. The squished edge will help us blend easier.
  • Arrange the legs on the side of the body


  • Blend the legs and using a pointed tool, you may want to re-shape the legs a little
  • Do the same for the other side
  • Using the pointed tool add some ‘fur’ texture (kind of like how it was done in totoro)


  • Using the black, roll out some tiny balls and place three on each paw
  • For the head, take a blob and squish in the middle

Main body shape

  • Attach the head into the body
  • and with brown clay push it into the middle
  • Add the top of Appa’s head and his snout
  • Add a black triangle for the nose


  • Roll out the black (horns? ) and place them on top of his head. You may want to make some indents before you put them in
  • Take a blob of brown, and kind of like the iceberg, make a little base for Aang to sit in.
  • Place it onto Appa’s back
  • Bake for about 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t burn him !

Painting the face

  • Once he has cooled down, paint on his eyes.

Appa in bottle

  • Place him the iceberg and see if he will fit. If not just make some space for him
  • That black circle is just showing you some effects you can make. I used the pointed tool and pushed in the clay. The deco gel seeped in and now it looks more … icey ? I dont know ahahaha


  • With the brown paint, add the rest of the details on Appa.
  • Glaze ! :D
  • You can see on the ruler, Appa measures about 1.5 cm . Really tiny ! That’s why he was so hard to make T__T I started over several times.


  • For ang, take the yellow clay and make a small cone-ish shape
  • Roll out the orange clay thinly and cut off a strip. Wrap it around the top of Aang
  • Take the flesh coloured clay and make Aang’s head.
  • Bake ! Not too long !

Painting Aang

  • Mix a really light blue
  • Paint on the arrow on Aang’s head
  • Add some eyes, and if you want a smile…. I regret adding it on haha, he looks weird..
  • (You can see how small he is, I had to use tweezers to hold him or else my fingers would have been in the way of the camera)


  • Bake the bottle for about 10 minutes
  • Stick Aang into the top of Appa’s platform (?) thing.
  • Carefully place both of them onto the iceberg.
  • You can see that it kind of looks different from before. I kept repositing Appa and accidently broke pieces off the iceberg T___T so gutted…


And it’s done  ! YAY :D


There you go !
If you ever make this, please make sure you take your time. It’s so easy to make mistakes since the scale of these type of creations are so small.
Ahh, I hope this tutorial was easy to understand ^^
Two more weeks and I’m going to have my mock exams so I haven’t had time to make anything new. I think I’ll go on a short break on the tutorials for now.

Thanks for reading !
I’ll be back soon !