Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny keychain

Hello Hello ,,

Sorry it’s been a while, it’ll probably be like this until the holidays. I’m in the process of planning more crafts (hopefully from felt), but they’re not made yet.
Anyways, today’s tutorial is the B.A.P bunny keychain. This time, it’s for my other friend who is also obsessed with them…. I don’t understand ahah,,
From some of the lighting, you’ll see that it’s uneven TT, sorry about that, I made this at like 2am…..

Let’s go !





  • For the bunny, all you need is black.
  • Make sure you have quite a big blob depending on what you want the bunny size to be. Remember you’ll be making 6.
  • Acrylic paint
  • jump rings
  • keychain straps
  • eyepins (manymany)



  • Take a blob out, this will be for the ears.
  • Then roll out the remaining black into a long log.
  • Using a ruler, or free hand cut out 6 blobs evenly.

Bunny base


  • Roll each blob into a ball. This will make it easier to get the bunny head shape
  • Squish each blob a little, and just fix the side edges
  • Push them in so it’s a little diagonal.



  • Using the black clay from before, roll that out thinly. This is for the ears.
  • Cut about 12 blobs out, make sure they’re even.
  • Then roll them into a ball
  • and roll into a log. Narrower at the bottom, thicker at the top.

completed Shape


  • On the bunny head, use a round tool and make indents on where you want the ears to be
  • Then attach the ears.
  • If you can, blend them as much as possible. (You can see where I failed …… ahaha, it’s so uneven.)



  • Then with the eyepins, cut them into appropriate lengths. I would have used the excess to make more eyepins, but since this is a gift, I wanted them to be perfect (Y)
  • On two bunnies, attach an eye pin in the top
  • For the test, attach eyepins on the top and bottom. Be careful not to squish them because it is easy for the clay to lose its’ shape.
  • Bake

coloursFor the masks:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Green mask


  • Roll out the green and use your blade to cut the mask shape at the top.
  • Then place it on the bunny , make sure you align it correctly for the top
  • As for the excess, just cut it off using the razor blade
  • If you need to, fix the shape of the mask a litte

Blue mask

Red mask


Rest of mask


  • Repeat for the rest of the masks. Sorry the close ups look so ugly…..
  • On the pink, I drew a blue line of how you should cut the mask. You only need to get the top part right because excess would just be cut off.



  • Using white, roll out blobs for the eyes
  • Then, place in the oven for baking.



  • Using acrylic paint, paint on the details.
  • The close ups are so unflattering (bunnies are so uneven) …. ahahah



  • Once they’re baked, allow to cool
  • Meanwhile, collect your jumprings and straps.



  • In between each bunny, place as many jump rings as you like. It depends on how long you want the keychain to be
  • From the image, you can see I placed two :D
  • Glaze to seal the paint


And you’re done !

This is probably one of the longer tutorials, but it’s quite easy to assemble.

I hope you liked it ! I will try to make more tutorials asap ! At the moment, I haven’t made anything new so I haven’t got any tutorials lined up.

Thanks for reading !




Tutorial : Squirrel (?) Donut (rement)

Hey guys !

I didn’t realise it was almost a week since I posted ! ><
Here’s another simple tutorial for you today !

From the reference image, I’m not quite sure what character this was supposed to be…. I think the squirrel one ? Bunny ?


Let’s get started anyway.




  • Brown-ish colour for donut ( Here I mixed that Studio Sculpey Butterscotch with Nutmeg)
  • Brown Pastel
  • Dark brown pastel
  • TLS
  • Sprinkles ( Here, I’m using ‘nuts’)
  • Toothbrush

Basic Shape

  • Make the donut shape
  • Add two little triangles at the top + blend
  • Mix both the brown pastels with TLS


  • Cover the bottom half with the TLS + Ears
  • Add sprinkle of choice,
  • I used ‘nuts’ and ‘almonds’
  • Bake + Glaze

Completed donut


Simple and short tutorial. ^^  Hope you like it !

Thanks for reading,


Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny (polymer clay)

Hello Hello !

Carrying on with that Easter theme is today’s tutorial ! ^^
This is the tutorial for the B.A.P bunny ! Since each member of the band has their own bunny, you will have to make their own details.

I decided to go for the easier one, DaeHyun – which is the black and grey one. Before making this, make sure you google, and have an image for reference ! 

So here we go !




  • Tinfoil
  • Black ( lots of it. I used up that whole block )
  • Grey
  • White
  • Scrap clay ( All those random blobs you see are weird colours I didn’t think I would use for anything)
  • TLS or deco gel
  • Toothpick


  • Take the foil and shape it into this oval-ish shape
  • Make another shape that is kind of  like a cylinder ? Except a bit more narrow at the top.
  • Attach with toothpick


  • Take all those scrap pieces of clay, and just use it to smooth over the surface of the foil. Since this is a gift,  I didn’t want to have the dents and bumps of the foil visible.
  • Roll out the black clay thinly
  • Wrap and blend away edges

Arms and legs

  • The basic body should look like this.
  • Take two blobs of clay, and roll it out. Make sure one end is more narrow than the other.
  • Attach it to the body, (this is why it’s curled)
  • Roll out two bigger blobs of clay, and make sure the base is rounded. This is the foot.

Basic Body

  • Roll out two logs for ears.
  • Pinch out the edges because this will make it easier to attach and blend.
  • You may want to use TLS to attach the arms and leg. This just makes sure it wont fall off.
  • This is the completed shape of the bunny.

Adding details

  • Roll out the grey and start adding details
  • Just follow your reference image.
  • Two white blobs for eyes !

Completed creations

  • What it looks like completed !
  • Bake + Glaze

And here you go !
It’s quite easy right ? Since the body is mostly made of foil, this creation is quite light, and it doesn’t use as much clay as it usually would.

I hope you like this tutorial ^^ Some of the wording was kinda awkward, sorry !

Thanks for reading


Tutorial : Easter Bunny

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been so long ! I said that I would post more often, but I’ve been out…my bad =”= ;;

Anyways , this is a tutorial for that Easter bunny I made ^^

It’s kinda easy and the colours and patterns can be changed to anything you want. I’m just showing you how to construct it ^^

Here we go !



  • White
  • Light blue
  • Other left over blues
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Light orange (white + orange)
  • Light green (white + green)
  • Tinfoil
That blue in the second picture looks dark right ? My arm was in the way and cast a shadow T__T Sorry. It’s actually a light blue.
Egg shape
  • Mix the blues together
  • Shape the foil into an egg. Make it as compact(?) and as smooth as possible. ( you don’t want the foil to change shape, so really scrunch it together)
  • Roll out your blue, make sure you have a enough leftover for ears + tail
Covering egg
  • Wrap it around the foil. Blend away the edges.
  • I usually use cornstarch, it makes it much easier, and it doesn’t leave any finger prints.
  • Take the left over blue and cut in half
  • Roll it, making one end narrower than the other
  • Flatten
Attaching ears
  • At the end of the ears, pull out the edges. This will make it easier to attach onto the body
  • Place and blend for both ears
Final Shape
  • You should have something like this afterwards. This is the basic shape of our bunny.
From this point on, it’s just adding details and decorating. You don’t have to follow what I do, just be creative and decorate however !
Ninja Mask
  • Roll out the pink, and make a wave pattern at the base
  • Take a blob of black, roll it out and shape it into a mask.
  • Using a ball tool, make indents into the ears for detail
  • Add two white blobs for eyes
  • Roll out some extra blue, and curl it a little. Then attach it onto the body by blending it away at the bottom.
  • Roll out the green and orange
  • Cut into these triangle shapes
  • Place in alternating colours on the body
Final swirl
  • Take the dark blue, and make a swirl ^^
  • Bake + glaze
And there you go !
This was  fairly easy tutorial, and again, use whatever colours and patterns you like !
Since it was easter themed, I tried to make it really ‘festive’ haha,
Thanks for reading !

Happy Easter !

Hellooo my reader ! ^^

Happy Easter !! Today is Easter Sunday in NZ… and I JUST finished my Easter themed creation.

Here you go !

Easter themed creation

Not your typical Easter theme right ? Haha, it kind of reminds me of digimon…
This creation (the blue one) is a cross between a bunny and an egg ! I wanted to give it a litttle bit more of a personality by giving it a ninja mask, and a cute hair swirl haha,, Do you like ?
Sorry if you don’t… I really didn’t know what to make.

Now, the black bunny next to it is a B.A.P Bunny.
You’re probably wondering what it is right ? Well, B.A.P stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect. It is a name of a Korea boy band, and their mascots are bunnies ^^

It was my friends’ birthday earlier this week and she requests the B.A.P bunny. So I made all of them.

Here are the rest !

B.A.P Bunnies

And ofc, tutorials will be made and posted ^^
If you want to be notified when, just click that follow button,,

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it


Felt Tutorial : Pig- Rabbit plush

Hello everyone ;D
Today I will be posting the tutorial on how I made the Pig-Rabbit plush. This measures approximately 17 cm from tip of the ear to the end of it’s paws.

Before I start, I want to apologize for the sizing on the pictures because they are not all the same size like my clay tutorials. The instructions (pictures) are also not as step-by-step because my friend was with me and she thought I was weird taking pictures every 10 minutes TT___TT

Forgive me .. 

Let’s start !

You will need

  • White felt
  • Pink felt
  • Black felt
  • Pins
  • Black thread
  • Pink thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Hot glue gun ( or fabric glue)
  • Pink pastel
  • Fabric of choice ( to make the bows )
  • Stuffing

Pattern : [Link] This is the pattern of the pig bunny made by Deynaian Bloom ^^ It’s just a digital copy of this version of my Pig Bunny . Thank you so much !!

First steps

1. Cut out the pattern and pin to felt. Cut out two of each piece (ears, head, limbs, etc).

2. Sew two lines down the snout of the plush. Try to choose a thread that is darker than the colour of your felt.
– Sew the pink parts onto the ears

3.  Using the blanket stitch, sew the ears together. Remember to stuff it with some stuffing.

Second steps

  • Attach the ears to the head, and use the blanket stitch to sew the two head pieces together. Remember to fill
  • Next, sew all the limbs pieces together + fill
Third steps
  • Attach the limbs to the body and sew it up. Again, make sure you stuff it.
  • Using the ladder stitch, attach the head to the body
  • Use the hot glue gun to stick on the snout
Adding details
  • Use hot glue gun to stick on the eyes
  • Made a bow from your chosen material and stick it on the bunny’s neck and ear.
  • Use the pink pastel to add some blush marks and you’re done ! :D
So I hope the instructions were easy enough to understand, and that it made up for the lack of pictures TT__TT
If you read my Getting started for felt post, you’ll know that my scanner is currently broken so I can’t scan the pattern I drew up. Hopefully you’ll know the approximate shapes from the images.
How to:
Ladder stitch ( You have to scroll quite a bit to get to the directions ! )
Thank you so much for reading !