Tutorial : Polymer clay realistic cake texture with baking soda

So wow, long time no post again, apologies.

It seems I’m catching up on all my bumming around time aahah, but don’t worry, I’m crafting a lot tonight so that I can get some regular tutorials up


So I’m actually really excited for this post. From the title you can tell what the tutorial is on right?
I’ve actually known about this technique from when I first started from the youtuber “GentlemanBunny”

I tried out it out ofc, but it didn’t end up working. Then about a week ago, I found this website


And so here I am trying it out for you guys ^^

Let”s go !




  • Softener
  • TSL or Fimo deco gel
  • Baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)
  • Small container for mixing (in my case, a finished face cream container)
  • Foil
  • Polystyrene
  • Tool for mixing
  • Clay of choice

Soaking the clay

  • Take the clay that you want to be the ‘sponge’ colour and place it in the container
  • Poke some holes in it so the softener can work its magic faster
  • Cover the clay with softener and let it sit
  • Every so often, mix the clay around

At first, I mixed the clay around a lot in the softener and this actually made the dissolving process a lot slower. After I gave up and just let it sit, when I mixed it again, all the clay dissolved much quicker.
As for the softener amount, because my container was slightly larger than I liked it to be, I didnt completely cover my clay up to the top. It was kind of half way up the clay and I just flattened it out. If you can, try to use a smaller container.

Completely dissolved

  • Mixmix
  • And then it’ll look like this once dissolved
  • Add some TLS or deco gel, the amount is completely up to you but make sure you put enough… I think mine was about 1tsp ? Sorry I did a lot of guesstimation

Testing clay

  • I took it out and ‘brushed’ it on the foil and baked it. This is to test if it would fully bake and be pliable
  • And yes it was.. lol

Making cake tin

  • For a cake tin, cut out a template onto the polystyrene block
  • Wrap it in foil
  • Cut the edges neatly
  • Place in the oven for baking.

So apparently, when polystyrene is heated, it shrinks. I didn’t know about this method for making cake tins until that day….
Anyway, I put it on for 130 degrees (celcius) and after about 3-4 minutes, the shrinking process started. Then it only took about another 5- 10 seconds before I took it out.

You can take the ‘cake tin’ out at any point once its shrinks. It just needs to be small enough for you to take it out of the foil without changing the shape.

Baking soda

  • Picture of the shrunken polystyrene circle
  • Adding baking soda
  • I added probably about 2 tablespoons. In the earlier link where I found these instructions, it doesn’t really tell you how much to add. I just added enough until the clay mix was thick like real batter.

If you have enough materials, please feel free to experiment with the amounts of softener : clay : baking soda ratio. I think as along as the mix is semi thick, it’ll rise


  • Pour ‘batter’ into the mould
  • Bake at normal clay instructions ( 130 degrees C , for about 15 minutes)
  • As you can see, it actually rose !SDKFJKFSHHKJ ! It looks realistic right ?

Rising took about 5 minutes in

Complete cake

  • Here it is out of foil
  • You can see the slightly shiny edges from the foil
  • I trimmed the edges of the cake and you can clearly see the realistic texture ( please enlarge the image)
  • The top really looks like a real vanilla cupcake right ?

MOre images

  • Some more images of the cake and texture (please enlarge)

close up

  • I had enough batter to try again and I did
  • This time, I didn’t trim the top of the ‘cake tin’ that much because I knew it would rise
  • However, you can still tell it rose out of the foil
  • Also, because I put in a lot more of ‘mixture’ and baked it for the same amount of time, the clay didn’t completely bake through

It looked exactly like an underbaked cupcake. You can see that when I tore the foil off,  the bits of clay stuck to it like batter would to a cupcake liner

Second try

Close up of the clay


  • Here I cut this cake apart to look at the texture because it was failed away.
  • This texture is also perfect for bread as well.


And that’s it !

An interesting outcome is that the clay actually is flexible. Like its quite soft and when you squeeze it, it just goes back to its original shape again..

This is actually quite an expensive way to make the realistic cake texture but here it is !

I hope you enjoy this, and actually try this out because it’s such a genius idea ,,

Thanks for reading !



#100th Post !!

Hello Helloooo

So long time no post right ?


You see, I would have updated a long long long time ago, but I realllyyy wanted to save the 100 post for something awesome.

But … I really cant..

You see, I’ve started school again- my last year AND I got lucky enough to be enrolled in one university course..
So this just means that I’m busier than normal..

My weekends basically consist of catching up with work/ finishing work and something along the lines of that.

So I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been crafting for the past weeks(?) I’v been gone :




So this was a custom made listing from my Etsy. ^^ Someone wanted another Aang and Appa so I made one and sent it off to Canada !
Except, it’s a little but uglier and less cute that my first one right ? u_u Ah.. But I really tried to make it similar. Aang is more proportional in size though, so that’s probably one thing that changed.



The longlong delayed Valentine themed cake. I made this while watching Futurama ahahaha,,
You can see that there are various shades of pink, going in a gradient upwards ^^ I added the roses and you can see a littttle bit of a blue rose peeking in the back.
It looks more like a wedding cake right ? Yeah.. ..



A Domo cake I made for fun,, I’m pretty sure this was meant to be for a friend but I decided it was a bit too ugly. Oh wells, it’ll just sit there in my craft box.
If anyone wants to buy it…please message me ahaha


Also , in other news, I managed to sell 3 bottle art creations this month !!
I can’t believe it ! Sosososo happy that my bottle art is good enough that others would want to buy it.

So far, I’ve sold Ponyo, Aang and Appa ver.2 and I’m currently trying to work on a custom request ^^

That shall be revealed later yesyes ? I really hope it’s up to standards… ah


So there we go.. I wasted my 100th post for this update..
I guess I’ll make my 120th post the special one and not this..

For now, I’ll be working on felt crafts ofc , still need to complete that series and then just random clay things here and there.

Just reminding you guys I haven’t disappeared or forgotten about this blog ! I check it daily , it’s just that I seem to never have time.

Yeah, I know.

Kay, thanks so much for reading this !


Etsy !!

Hey guys !

Two posts in a day ohoho

Anyways, this is a little off track but I thought I’d update with how my Etsy was going.

I don’t really know what to do with it tbh, I haven’t made a lot of a new things to put in it  and I’m always wondering if people will buy stuff at all.

That’s why I only have about 7 or 8 listings up at the moment. huhu


Animal-Cakes ApplePie2 Hello-Kitty-Cake2 Nofaces PonyoInBottle RealPinkCake2 RealPinkCakeSlice RoseInABottle Totoros


Thanks for viewing !!


Short Update:

Hey guys !

So it has finally come to the ‘end’ of my holidays.. I start school on the 1st of February , which is earlier than usual ( its normally February 7th)
And honestly, it feels like I’ve made nothing…

Last year, I was always thinking of all the things I could make in my holidays, update my Etsy and maybe even start a Youtube channel – and now it seems like I’ve done nothing at all..




It’s definitely not the time issue as I’ve had about a month for that, but I don’t know… it’s probably because I don’t really have the inspiration or motivation anymore. I do still have a lot of ideas, it’s just that when it gets down to making the actual craft , it turns out much harder than what I imagine.
Then, it ends up ugly/ takes up time / I start again, and so I don’t post it online ;__;


So yeah…
However, I will list what I did manage to do oho :

  • Bunny cake tutorial
  • Elephant Cake tutorial
  • Cherry tutorial (felt)
  • Pineapple, apple, kiwifruit slice tutorial (felt)
  • Watermelon tutorial (felt)
  • Ponyo in a bottle (first attempt)
  • Real pink cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Haku in a bottle ( in process)
  • GIANT Dango plush


Real Pink cake










And here’s a small prototype of my Haku. I’ve got the basic construction method done however, I’m trying to figure out how to put him in the bottle and in what shape. Also his surroundings TT
The one you see below actually broke in half, eh..

Haku Prototype


You can see he’s curled around that tool… this shape doesn’t quite work for the bottle, so yes – This is going to get thrown out.


Thanks for reading this short rant/ update!


Tutorial : Cuppuccino Cake

Hello Hello,

This was a requested tutorial of a Cuppuccino cake that I made …earlier this year IRCC.
It feels like ageesss since I made it , but since I only started this blog this year, it must’ve been early on ^^

Backstory ? Oho,,
So at the start of the year, my old Korean exchange found me via FB. I remember promising to snail mail her a letter like she had, and never actually did =”=. So when she found me, I was like shiet, okay, gotta send a package.
I made this cake based on a Korean bakery called “Paris Baguette”.
I thought this cake was okay to make, the thing is , it was meant to look like a cup of coffee, I had to place decorations and such in a way that when you looked at it, it sorta looked like coffee ? I don’t know, it was hard to replicate it. I think I was trying too hard TT
Anyway, I kinda gave up half way and added my own ideas to it,,

TLDR; I made a Cuppuccino cake from Paris Baguette.

Pictures of reference, here and here.

So here we go.




  • Dark brown clay
  • TLS
  • Terracotta clay
  • Kind of beige (?) coloured clay
  • Pink / red clay (optional, this was for decorations)
  • Green (optional ; decoration)
  • Circle cutter

Basically , lots of ‘browny’ coffee colours.

Cutting shapes

  • Split the beige colour into 1/3 and 2/3. The 1/3 will be for decoration
  • As for the 2/3, roll it out and cut 2 circles out
  • Do the same for the terracotta clay except cut out 3 circles with your cutter
  • Or the other way around, anything is fine.

Main shape

  • Arrange them one after another forming the pattern you want.
  • Carefully, start squishing your clay into a “cup” shape. This will be the cake base.
  • Try to make it more flat and not so tall like a coffee mug. Think cafe mugs
  • Roll out the dark brown clay

Shape 2

  • Cover the whole cake
  • Cut off excess and blend
  • If you need to , reshape the clay into the ‘cup’ shape

Top spiral

  • Taking that 1/3 of beige clay, roll it out
  • Take dark brown clay and make a handle to go with the ‘cup’ shaped base
  • Roll out about 4  little coffee bean shapes, use a toothpick or whatever tool you have to make that line in the middle
  • Take the beige and start making a spiral. You will probably want to do this on the cake itself because it’ll give you a rough template of how big/round it needs to be
  • Take it off the cake, then cut a decent slice out of it.
  • Place it back onto the cake, and use the cut out as a guide for cutting the cake piece
  • Use a needle tool and add cake texture

Decorations : You can decorate however you like, I’m just going to show you how I made mine.


  • Arrange coffee beans however you want
  • Then, will dark brown clay, roll it out with one end more narrow than the other.
  • Squish it down onto your working surface and start bending it until you have that ‘steam’ shape. Cut off excess, repeat 2 more times
  • Flatten a circle, using TLS mixed with white clay and make random patterns into it
  • Roll out the red clay and cut a heart shape out of it.
  • Bake the mini decorations (not the coffee beans or the cake / spiral)

Sides of cake

  • Place the decorations on the cake
  • I added some more hearts, and cut out her initials out of the red clay


  • Then, carefully arrange the decoration on top of the cake.
  • Make sure you plan this well or else it’ll involve you making indents into the cake and if you look carefully, you can see that in my spiral part of the cake.
  • You can add some TLS to help they stay in place if you want
  • Also, I made a spoon with the dark brown clay, it’s up to you
  • Bake the whole cake + glaze

(You notice the leaf that I randomly added on. When I was baking, I accidently over baked it and the leaf kinda got burnt. In the final pictures, you can see that it ended up with this really nice gradient of brown – green. It was good.)


And it’s done !
It looks pretty easy right ? But as usual , it took me a long time to decide how I wanted to go about this.
Also, looking back on it now, I think I added wayyyyy too many decorations on the side of the cake. I’m fine with the top but I remember at the time that the cake looked ‘bare’ and I needed to cover it up some more… heh.

Before Baking :



After Baking + Glaze


Before baking

Thanks for reading,


Store listings !

Hello Hello !

Just updating to show you guys my new store listings !


Coupon for 10 % off everything !! 
This discount goes in until the 1st of December for this year ,,

Hello Kitty Cake

This is the improved Hello Kitty Cake I made from last year ^^
Listing : [Link]
Oho, the shape is better and also, it’s neopolitan ‘flavoured’.

Apple Pie

This is the Apple pie I made..
Listing : [Link]
Remember in my other post where I showed you my craft box ? I decided to see how well those paint mixing tins were as pie tins so yes… it’s perfect… ahaha

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Totoro Cake

Hey guys !

So as usual, I went ahead and uploaded my crafts onto DA, and it someone requested the Totoro Cake ! :D
I’ve never made a cake in that particular shape before, and it was actually meant to be some kind of paper holder before it turned into a cake … ahahaha

So here we go !




  • Grey
  • Dark grey ( This is just left over clay)
  • White
  • Sponge cake colour ( In my case, its Studio sculpey sunshine and butterscotch mixed together)
  • Green
  • Toothpick
  • To get the sponge cake colour, I mixed the yellow with white clay. If you already have the shade you want, you don’t need to.
  • Shape the clay into a dome shape
  • Cut it in half. You can see that I ended up squishing the clay as I cut it ,, just reshape it.
  • Take the lighter grey, and roll it out
  • Place the base of cake upside down onto the filling and cut around it.
Cake Shape
  • Place the top half back on, and smooth down the edges of the filling
Cake Shape 2
  • Reshape the clay back into a dome
  • To get the outside colour, I mixed the light grey and dark grey. You could just add a little bit of black if you don’t have the dark grey.

Wrapping the cake

  • Roll out the new shade of grey you made and wrap it around the cake.


  • Cut off the excess and blend away the edges.
  • If you have to , reshape the dome shape.


  • From the excess clay, make two blobs that would be the ears. It depends on how big you want them to be.
  • Roll each blob out , making the one end much more narrower than the base.
  • Take the toothpicks and break the tips off.


  • Place the toothpicks into the base of the ears.
  • Using a tool, make indents there you want the ears to go
  • Place the toothpicks in there, and blend the ears in. ( You can see I used cornstarch to help blend)

Cutting the cake

  • Since this creation doesn’t have a tinfoil centre ( XD ! ) , you can cut a piece out wherever you want.
  • Texture away with the needle tool !
  • Then, if you want to add some more detail, use the needle tool to make small lines on the outside


  • Mix the greens until you have a shade you like, and made a leaf with it.
  • Place it between the ears.
  • Take the black, and make little blobs with them.
  • Place it around the base of the cake. These are the dust sprites ^^


  • Bake and Glaze ^^


And there we go ! :D
Quite simple right ?
I’m still trying to get the Etsy thing sorted so I can start selling my charms u__u;;

But I’m still not sure how successful it’ll be…

Anyway, Thanks the reading !