Totoro + Animals

Hello hello,

This is just something I made for a birthday a couple of months ago and didn’t get around to posting until now. Totoro was requested so … yup.

I had these boxes I bought from Daiso which are for displaying figurines, so I thought I’d make something inside them.

end result

Each animal represented someone, so yep.


Since I can’t actually bake the plastic, I lined the sides that I would work on with grease proof paper and taped it on with masking tape.

I make that part that Totoro would sleep in on the paper so I can get the form right when I baked it.

prepping box

another angle of beginning clay


This is what the inside would look like before I baked everything

Pre bake progress


It took several layers of paint on the sides of the container before it reached an opaque stage.

Adding paint

And then as usual I manage to mess up right before I complete it.
You can see the fingerprints I left on the container in the top image, and I basically did the worst job of trying to clean it off.

I ruined the plastic and had to move the whole scenery into another container (which is the completed image).

ruined plastic


This container had a lot more height to it.

To be honest, I didn’t want to paint the inside of it because I liked how “roomy” it looked like this.
But because I needed to blend in that green piece of clay, I had to paint a portion of it.
I also had to trim the the clay that sat on the base of the container.

new container

I used masking tape and created a guideline. I decided to go diagonal outwards from the centre.

Painted background

To blend in the edges of the green piece even more, I added texture using the acrylic paint.

At this point, I also started making the little animals. Each one is about 1cm in length and I went for the “realistic” take on the animals instead of the usual cartoon take.

Adding animals


Here are all the animals.
I did a pretty bad job on the paint, and I probably should have glazed it.





Aaand that’s about it.

end result


Goals / To do list:

Hey guys !

So if you read my more recent blog posts, you know that I’m  basically in exam mode for the rest of the school year ( and yet here I am procrastinating TT)
I’m constantly thinking of new crafts to make and since I’m slow, the crafting process takes a long long time …. which is probably why I can’t craft as much as I’d like to.

Below, I’m just going to post up some of the crafts I will be making and if you have anything to add feel free to comment and I’ll update the post with it ^^.

Bottle Art: (These are all requests from DA)

  • Howl’s moving castle
  • Ponyo
  • Mini Haku (Spirited away)
  • Kiki’s delivery service ( I actually started working on this, but then when I saw it the next morning I thought it was ugly and threw it away TT)

Felt Projects:

  • Cakes (This one will probably be the first one to be posted since I’m making it for a friend)
  • Animal plushies for keychains

Polymer Clay:

  • Monokuro Boo (request)
  • Hopefully, I can start a series of some sort and actually go through with it (so far, still working on the Studio Ghibli themed bottle art)
  • Figurines (I’ve never made this before, but hopefully, will be able to make a satisfactory one)
  • More characters
  • Rements ? Squshies ? (Even though they won’t really be squishy…)


And that’s all I have so far ^^
Most of these are pretty vague since I don’t really know what I want to make yet. I usually find inspiration around the web, or when I rewatch the movies or episodes so yes ,,
Hopefully, these will be made pretty soon, I as usual, I will be posting the tutorials for these.

However, for the tutorials, I don’t know if I want to post all  of them since most are pretty straight forward. My tutorials are usually just for the method of construction but the accuracy of how you make the creation is up to you ^^
So, I’ll be updating you with pictures of the ones I do make and cross them off this list as I go. If you do want tutorials for them, comment when the posts are up ^^


Thanks for reading this long wall of text x__x
Here is my cat just fo you !

My cat

Oh my, just look at the way he almost blends in with that rug….