[Felt Crafts] #11 – Bear Card Holder

Hello Hello,,

Today is a felt craft , from a the title you can see it’s a Card Holder in the form of a bear?

Anyways, its fairly simple and you can customize it to any shape, animal – whatever you want ^^

So here we go !





  • Orange felt
  • White felt
  • Brown felt
  • Orange thread
  • Brown Thread
  • Red thread
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Ball chain (optional)

Template: The main rectangle is basically the size of a normal card (e.g. Library Card) + 0.5 cm around all the edges (9 cm x 6.5 cm). Everything else is up to whatever shape or design you want.

2 x Main Rectangle
2 x Main Rectagle + centre cut out ( the size of this depends on you)
4 x Ears
2 x Ear details (the brown bit)
2 x Eyes
1 x Snout
1 x nose


  • On each ear sew the brown part onto the middle of it 
  • Then take the other piece of the ear and sew together using blanket stitch

Sewing Face

  • Then on one rectangle, arrange how you want the face to be
  • Sew the face details on + blush marks. I drew it on at the end because I forgot..
  • Then on the main rectangle with the cut out, take both pieces and sew the inside part together

Sew edges

  • Take the main rectangle and the face rectangle and sew one edge + Ear
  • Take the two  rectangles with the cut out, and sew one edge as well
  • These edges will be the opening of where the card will be placed


  • Place the main rectangle and the one with the cut out together 
  • Start sewing them together, avoiding the edges you just sewed ( so you will be sewing 4 layers of felt, and only three sides because you don’t need to sew the edges from before)
  • Place the other ear as you move along
  • Once you get to the corner or top of the card holder, you can place your ribbon and sew it in place


  • And it’s completed !
  • Here it is with my bus card ( I stuck a Rilakkuma card sticker on it)


  • Here is what I mean with the edges. 
  • They become the opening of where you place your card and the other end is sealed


Here it is attached to my phone





You can see it’s about 0.5cm larger on all sides of the card


And there you go !

It’s fairly simple once you get all the cutting of the felt out of the way ^^
I might even have some pre-cut out pieces of different designs on sale in my etsy…


Hope you liked this post !

Thanks for viewing !


Etsy + Update

Hey guys !


I finallllllyy have my Etsy store sorted ^^
I had already signed up for a longggg time, and then screwed something up – resulting in me deleting my account……

Now my new account has settled for “CraftCandiess”….. ahhhh
Its okay though, you guys know who I am right ? ^^

As soon as I got home, I tried to think of ideas for my banner….
Do you like this one ? I think the only reason why I held off Etsy for so long was because I didn’t really have a theme or idea to work with. I finally pushed myself today and got it done.
It’s quite simple right ? I don’t really know what other designs to do atm.

Anyway, if you have anything you want to see in my store, please comment here, or email me for a custom order .


Now for updates :D

A couple of weeks ago I went to my favourite Japanese store ^^ We have two stores in Auckland (that I know of), that sells any three items  in the store for $10.
It’s my favourite place….. imagine how awesome it would be to live in Japan haha.

The last time I went, I found some paper and clay- and oh my life.
It is amazing. It is so soft it feels like marshmellows….

But I think I only downside to paper clay is that, it’s not that good to work with if you’re doing detailed work. It dries as you work and since I’m slow, it’s not that ideal.
Paper clay is also quite hard to blend.

Although, keep in mind that I’m only talking about my particular brand:

Paper Clay


Its not even anything popular like hearty clay. This is probably one of the lower quality paper clays, but it’s still okay (Y).
I just wanted to know how workable it was ^^;;

Also in the image, notice I finally have a rolling pin !
In all my years of crafting, I have never had a rolling pin (until now ofc). I’ve always been using random things like pens, glue sticks – just anything cylinder shaped to help me roll out my clay.
I needed to get three things so I bought two packs of the clay and the rolling pin ,, so happy…

On my second visit to town, I bought some more wahaha,,
This time, I bought a mini storage box for my crafts, some tags and these metal pans(?) that are used for mixing paint in. Since they looked so much like pie bases, I’m going to use them for exactly that ^^



As you can see, I have stored in here:

  • Tags (For attaching to gifts)
  • Ribbon for felt creations
  • A couple of Glass bottles ( I didn’t have room for 8 more)
  • My key chain straps
  • Eyepins
  • Ring bases
  • Jump rings
  • And you can’t see it, but the pie bases

This box is quite useful in that, you can make the spaces as big as you want. If you can see, next to the tags are these pink dividers. You can put them wherever you like.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I hope to create a couple of crafts for you guys.

Please be waiting ! I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading as much..

Thanks for reading  !