Tutorial : Piglet donut (rement)

Hello my reader ^^

Another donut rement for you today , this time, it’s Piglet ^^
And as usual, super simple and quick.

So lets get started  !




  • Pink clay
  • Light pink (Studio Sculpey : Blush)
  • Brown pastel
  • Pink pastel
  • White pastel (optional, this is for lightening your pink icing)
  • TLS
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Toothbrush


  • Roll the light pink into a log + Make into donut shape
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make the hole in the middle more defined.
  • Blend edges
  • Texture with toothbrush (if you want)


  • Take the darker pink, and make them into the shape of Piglets’ ears.( Light bulbs ?)
  • Mix TLS with pink. I think this pink is a little too dark, so if you want, add white into it. ( I forgot .. )
  • Add onto the bottom half of the donut


  • Mix brown pastel with TLS
  • Take a blob on your tool (mine is needle tool), and before it drips, just drag it across your pink icing.
  • Add sprinkles if you wish.
  • Bake + Glaze

Completed Piglet donut


And there we go ^^
You can see how my icing was too dark right ? At the time, I didn’t think of adding white to make it lighter… ah…
But that’s okay,, it still looks alright.

Thanks for reading again !



Tutorial : Minnie Mouse cruller donut

Hello my dumplings !

Today is going to be a tutorial on the “Minnie mouse cruller donut”

This is following on with that strapya series that I was making.  It was inspired by the following image… except, it’s the blurry one in the background TT

Strapya Cruller donut

Now, the one I’m going to be making is a bit uglier, it’s got texture, it’s less shiny, and the icing part isn’t exactly the same…

But here we go anyway !




  • Translucent sculpey or Fimo deco gel
  • Light yellow clay (or whatever you want your donut to be)
  • Pink pastel ( or whatever you want your icing colour to be)
  • Needle tool
  • I didnt actually end up using the white…. (also, my camera decided to focus on the bottle of TLS…)

Basic shape

  • First, divide your clay into thirds. 1/3 will be for the ears, and the other 2/3 will be the main body.
  • Roll out the 2/3 into a log and make it into a circle shape.
  • Take the 1/3 of clay and divide it into two. Roll them out into logs, and make mini circles.
  • Attach to the main body.
  • Make sure you blend the edges !

Adding the details

  • Here are the two types of needle tools I have. One is thicker. For this creation, I will be using the thicker needle tool
  • Start making the pattern into the clay. Don’t sketch it out like I did ( I ended up not following it..)
  • Make light indents into the clay, and when you’re happy with it, make them deeper and more defined.
  • Do the same the ears.

Making the icing

  • Here is the completed donut. (If you want to, use a tooth brush to add some texture)
  • Now we ice it ! Add some TLS with pink pastel. I actually ended up putting deco gel into it… do not do that. (Unless you want it to be runny)
  • Mix mix mix ,

Putting on the icing

  • As you can see, the ‘icing’ looks like it’s really thick…. well since I added deco, it ended up running down all the sides while it was baking.
  • This resulted into the second image, you can see that there is a pool of icing haha,,
  • Bake
  • Glaze

And there we go ! ;D
As you can see, my version of the Minnie mouse cruller donut is definitely different than the strapya one. I wanted the icing to have a really nice shiny effect, so I added deco gel….ah

It still looks okay right ?

I hope you enjoyed this ! Thanks so much for reading !