Awesome Youtube channel

Hello Hello !

So I’ve been youtubing lately and came across this awesome youtube channel – so I thought I would share it with you guys.

It’s a Japanese channel and most of the videos have a voice over + eng subs. Sometimes the subs are a bit off, but since she shows you how to make the creation, the subs don’t really matter ^^
The user uses paper clay as her medium and a lot of the techniques she uses can be applied to polymer clay, porcelain clay and all that

I really love this channel..

Here are just some of some really smart ideas:

She shows you how to make macarons here + your own raspberries. I reallly really really like the raspberry idea… hurhur

How the cream made in this video is also very smart :


These are just two random videos from what I was watching earlier huhu,,
And just a¬†note¬†: I’m just showing you guys this video because I think that her techniques are really really helpful, not because someone told me to advertise her ^^

I really wish NZ had paper clay TT

Till then

Thanks for reading !