[Felt Crafts] #11 – Bear Card Holder

Hello Hello,,

Today is a felt craft , from a the title you can see it’s a Card Holder in the form of a bear?

Anyways, its fairly simple and you can customize it to any shape, animal – whatever you want ^^

So here we go !





  • Orange felt
  • White felt
  • Brown felt
  • Orange thread
  • Brown Thread
  • Red thread
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Ball chain (optional)

Template: The main rectangle is basically the size of a normal card (e.g. Library Card) + 0.5 cm around all the edges (9 cm x 6.5 cm). Everything else is up to whatever shape or design you want.

2 x Main Rectangle
2 x Main Rectagle + centre cut out ( the size of this depends on you)
4 x Ears
2 x Ear details (the brown bit)
2 x Eyes
1 x Snout
1 x nose


  • On each ear sew the brown part onto the middle of it 
  • Then take the other piece of the ear and sew together using blanket stitch

Sewing Face

  • Then on one rectangle, arrange how you want the face to be
  • Sew the face details on + blush marks. I drew it on at the end because I forgot..
  • Then on the main rectangle with the cut out, take both pieces and sew the inside part together

Sew edges

  • Take the main rectangle and the face rectangle and sew one edge + Ear
  • Take the two  rectangles with the cut out, and sew one edge as well
  • These edges will be the opening of where the card will be placed


  • Place the main rectangle and the one with the cut out together 
  • Start sewing them together, avoiding the edges you just sewed ( so you will be sewing 4 layers of felt, and only three sides because you don’t need to sew the edges from before)
  • Place the other ear as you move along
  • Once you get to the corner or top of the card holder, you can place your ribbon and sew it in place


  • And it’s completed !
  • Here it is with my bus card ( I stuck a Rilakkuma card sticker on it)


  • Here is what I mean with the edges. 
  • They become the opening of where you place your card and the other end is sealed


Here it is attached to my phone





You can see it’s about 0.5cm larger on all sides of the card


And there you go !

It’s fairly simple once you get all the cutting of the felt out of the way ^^
I might even have some pre-cut out pieces of different designs on sale in my etsy…


Hope you liked this post !

Thanks for viewing !


Tutorial : Elephant

Hello Hello ^^

It’s been a week, and I finally have my internet back at normal speeed,,,
It feels like I’ve been away for so long T___T,,
But today, as you know, is the tutorial for the Elephant. I don’t usually make animals and such, but yes ^^ Enjoy!

This was a present for my friend who is IN LOVE with elephants ^^
I remember seeing this image of an elephant somewhere, and thought it was adorable … it anyone knows where it’s from, please link me so I can credit it as the reference :D
Image from here : [Link]

Reference image

Isn’t it so cute ? I thought this would be fairly easy to make , but I was so wrong…. the elephant I made took a few hours, and used much more clay than I had expected it to.

Here we go !



Basically, all these colours can be replaced to whatever you want. I’m just going to list mine

  • Grey (lots of it…)
  • Studio sculpey in blush (light-ish pink)
  • Light blue
  • Studio sculpey in Olive (That lighter dull green)
  • Studio sculpey in English garden (The darker green under it)
  • Two shades of green (Those two blobs stuck together )
  • Aluminium foil (optional, it depends on whether you want the main body to be solid clay or not )
  • White (to mix to make light grey)
  • Black ( a tiny bit to make dark grey)

Mix colours together

  • Mix those two greens together
  • Separate your main colour (in this case grey) into three blobs.

I had one for the main body, one for the ears and one for the trunk. In the end, it wasn’t enough as I still had to add more for the main body, and make sure you leave some for the tail


  • Using the foil, make the basic body shape.
  • Mine basically has the four legs, and the rounded top for the body.
  • Roll out the grey, and cover the foil

Adding trunk

  • Smooth out the clay, and add more if you need to make the shape more round
  • (Second image) is the bottom of the Elephant (uneven, I know =’= ;;; )
  • Take the piece of clay that is for the trunk, and roll it into a log
  • Pull out the edges at the bottom, and place it onto the elephant.

Trunk 2

  • Use whatever tool and blend blend blend !
  • (Second image) Now the Elephant should look something like this.

You’ll notice that it doesn’t have enough height and roundness at this point. This is where I realised I needed more clay that I had thought ..

  • If your Elephant isn’t as round as you want it to be , add another chunk of clay and blend !

Completing the body

  • To even out the shape, I added another chunk at the front.
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make that gap between the legs more even
  • (Third image) This should be the completed shape of the Elephant.

Adding the ears

  • Take the pieces of clay that were for the ears, and make them into a tear drop shape.
  • Place it on the sides on the Elephant where you want the ears to go.

Detail on trunk

  • Now for the trunk, take a tool and make as small indent in the trunk opening.
  • Take the two different shades (Studio sculpey Olive and English garden), and roll them into logs
  • Roll the logs like you would for a lollipop, and stop when you think its the right size.
  • Squish the two together, and place it in that indent you made.
  • You may use TLS or whatever to help it stay in place when baking. ( Or even a toothpick will work fine)

Eyes and Tusks

  • For the eyes, take two blue blobs, and stick them on.
  • Take some light grey and roll it into a ‘tusk’ shape.

Adding tusks

  • Make an indent on the side of the Elephant where you want the tusks to go
  • Put them in place. (Don’t need to worry about blending this one)
  • This is both the greens being mixed…. I don’t know why that other image is at the very top… hahah


  • Once it’s mixed, squish it out with your fingers
  • Try to make the edges different thickness’s , or just make it until you’re satisfied with its ‘leafy” shape
  • (Third image) The leaf would go on something like this..
  • Add some details with your razor blade


  • I almost forgot about the tail -phew-
  • Roll out some grey into a log , one end more narrow than the other
  • Make some darker grey (grey + littttle bit of black)
  • Make it into a leaf shape, and place it on the end of the grey log.
  • Place it on the back of the elephant, and blend the edges of where it joins !
  • Add some detail on the tail by using your razor blade
  • Bake +Glaze



Aaand there we go ! ^^
It’s quite easy once you have that main shape sorted (that took surprisingly long….)

The Elephant looks extra shiny here because I tried out my Triple thick !

Hopefully this tutorial was easy to understand, I feel like I’ve been getting worse with the explanations  the more tutorials I make o_o;;

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny (polymer clay)

Hello Hello !

Carrying on with that Easter theme is today’s tutorial ! ^^
This is the tutorial for the B.A.P bunny ! Since each member of the band has their own bunny, you will have to make their own details.

I decided to go for the easier one, DaeHyun – which is the black and grey one. Before making this, make sure you google, and have an image for reference ! 

So here we go !




  • Tinfoil
  • Black ( lots of it. I used up that whole block )
  • Grey
  • White
  • Scrap clay ( All those random blobs you see are weird colours I didn’t think I would use for anything)
  • TLS or deco gel
  • Toothpick


  • Take the foil and shape it into this oval-ish shape
  • Make another shape that is kind of  like a cylinder ? Except a bit more narrow at the top.
  • Attach with toothpick


  • Take all those scrap pieces of clay, and just use it to smooth over the surface of the foil. Since this is a gift,  I didn’t want to have the dents and bumps of the foil visible.
  • Roll out the black clay thinly
  • Wrap and blend away edges

Arms and legs

  • The basic body should look like this.
  • Take two blobs of clay, and roll it out. Make sure one end is more narrow than the other.
  • Attach it to the body, (this is why it’s curled)
  • Roll out two bigger blobs of clay, and make sure the base is rounded. This is the foot.

Basic Body

  • Roll out two logs for ears.
  • Pinch out the edges because this will make it easier to attach and blend.
  • You may want to use TLS to attach the arms and leg. This just makes sure it wont fall off.
  • This is the completed shape of the bunny.

Adding details

  • Roll out the grey and start adding details
  • Just follow your reference image.
  • Two white blobs for eyes !

Completed creations

  • What it looks like completed !
  • Bake + Glaze

And here you go !
It’s quite easy right ? Since the body is mostly made of foil, this creation is quite light, and it doesn’t use as much clay as it usually would.

I hope you like this tutorial ^^ Some of the wording was kinda awkward, sorry !

Thanks for reading


Tutorial : Packaging for your clay cakes

Hey guys !

If you ever read my other blog “Cyn’s updates” (it’s on the side), then you’ll know I found my ‘penpal’. She was an international student that I had met wayyy back in 2009, and she found me on FB ! We emailed each other for about 1 1/2 years ? Then lost contact for two…. and she even sent me snail mail ! I thought it was time to send one back, so I made a Cappuccino Cake .

This was a cake from a korean bakery called ” Paris Baguette” ( yes, I did some intense research ahaha)..

Todays’ tutorial will be on how I made the box to hold the cake, 

Here we go !



  • Your cake or whatever item you want to package
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cardboard ( you can use something like a cereal box , or spare book cover)
  • Patterned paper

Making the template

  • First I printed out a template as reference on how it was to be constructed.
  • Measure out your cake. Mine is about.. 5cm ? So that means the middle of the cake will be 5cm x 5cm

Detailed template

  • Blue : This will be the basic shape of the cake. It’s 5cm x 5cm
  • Green: This is the height of the cake. Mine was 2cm . Make sure you have those extra squares, those are the tabs for gluing.
  • Pink: This is the cover/lid (?) of the cake box ? I can’t think of a better word, you’ll see what it is at the end ><
  • After you cut out your template, crease all the lines.
  • Rub out the pencil lines
  • Glue the flaps with something. I’m using PVA
  • Last image: what the box looks like

Cake base

  • To give the box(base)  more support we’re going to put in a piece of cardboard.
  • Cut out a square from the cardboard and your patterned paper. (In my case, it’s 5cm x 5cm. Use your own measurements)
  • Glue them together

Placing cake

  • Here is what it looks like with the base in.
  • Place your cake on top (or whatever you are packaging)
  • I used Blu-tak to keep the pieces in place.

Finishing touches

  • I had some decoration that make the paper stick up when I folded it so, I cut the flaps shorter.
  • For the longer flaps, I folded the edge, and placed some blu-tak on it.


  • Hopefully, these images will do my explanations justice >< !
  • The idea is, is for the tops to fold over like a McD happy meal. I printed and glued the logo of Paris Baguette onto it… does it seem out of place ? Ahahah

And there ^^

I hope this tutorial was easy enough. I know the explanations are a bit unclear, so if you do have any questions, just comment below.
It’s quite easy to figure out how to make my template after printing an example out. All I had to do was alter the measurements, and then add the extra ‘flaps’ that would fold over the top.

Just a note…
I got a new computer recently, and I was looking through my posts…. do the images really look that bright ? Too much exposure ?
It looks fine when I edit it on my laptop :/ Idk. I think everything in general is just really HD now..

Thanks for reading !


Paper Craft : Gift box tutorial

Hello !

So in this post, I want to show you how I made the gift box for my friend’s present.

The only reason I made it was because I had no cute packaging available for the present. You see, I made some cute mini macaroons and needed some sort of cute way to store it.

I don’t actually make my own packaging often, so this is actually my first time in about a year ? Luckily, I was into scrap booking a long time back and happen to have all this nice patterned paper with me :)


So without further ado —

Food box tutorial 


Materials neededAs you know, I often make things up along the way so this image  is what I thought I needed.

  • Two types of patterned paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (colour of your choice)
  • Hot glue gun, or craft glue
  • Paint brush
  • Paint (colour of your choice)
  • Square sticks ( They’re like matchsticks without the top red part ) OR popsicle sticks
  • Cardboard ( can be cereal boxes or something like that)

Folding the box

  • Decide the size of your base and the height of your edges. My base was 16cm x 16cm and  the edges were the width of my ruler. (The black lines are to show my pencil lines)
  • Fold along the lines you made
  • Tuck the corners in and glue where the places that are in blue ( colour coding :D )

Cardboad pieces

  • On the cardboard, measure out your base. This means I cut out a 16cm x 16cm square.
  • Glue it onto the centre. This is to strengthen the box.
  • Cut out 4 strips that will be stuck on the edges. Mine was the width of my ruler x 16cm

Lining of box

  • Glue the strips onto the edges
  • On the next piece of patterned paper, make the same measurements as your first paper. This is the lining to cover the cardboard.
  • This time, instead of folding in the corners, cut them out (as shown)

Adding the ribbon

  • Glue on that patterned paper over the cardboard.
  • Now, at this point, you’ll see that the edges are really ugly TT___TT (You can trim the edges to make them more even)
  • Use the ribbon and glue it over the edges to hide them.

Matchstick thingsThese are the matchstick things I was talking about. I bought them for some weird reason and never had a use until now.
For the next few steps, you can replace these matchsticks with popsicle sticks. You’ll see what it’s for soon. 

  • If you have these square stick things, just glue and stack them on top of each other. The height will depend on the edges of your box. My edges were about 10 matchsticks tall, so I stacked 8 matchsticks.
  • Make 12 of these stacks.
  • ( Hot glue gun is better for this because it dries faster. If you do have time, craft glue WILL make it look more cleaner. If you can’t see in the image, there are actually blobs of glue that oozed from the edges TT__TT)
  • Arrange the stacks and glue them together like shown in the image.
  • Paint it with a colour of your choice. Make sure it suits your theme !
  • If you have no time, just use a hairdryer to dry the paint. 

Completed gift boxEnd result

  • Glue the structure of matchstick things onto the paper. Hot glue is better because it will hold.


Now, from the completed image, you can see the bumps of glue that is sticking out. I didn’t really worry because I actually put mini cupcake liners into each square.

I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of the final present because I finished it off in the morning. Just imagine red and orange mini cupcake liners + mini pink macaroons + the whole thing wrapped in white cellophane with heart prints + the felt bunny !


I hope the blue on the images didn’t confuse you. It was just there to tell you when to glue things on. Ofc, they are always on the underside and not the top where the blue is XD

Depending on the size of your gift, this can hold muffins, cookies, mini treats and the sort .


-I hope you gave you another idea for cute packaging !



Tutorial : Toast

Hello my readers :3

I know I said I was going to post once a week, but that seems a bit too long o.o I’m always thinking of new tutorials, and yeah..
Today’s one will be extremely simple.


  • Pointed tool
  • White clay ( and Translucent if you have some )
  • Pastels
  • Brush
  • Toothbrush

Now, for toast, it is best if you have translucent AND white. It gives the bread a less ‘solid’ feel ? If you know what I mean haha. I don’t have translucent atm because it ran out, still looking for cheap suppliers TT ____ TT


  • Roll out the white clay, and make it into a square shape.
  • Using the pointed tool, just make a little indent on the two sides.


  • Take the toothbrush and lightly texture the clay. It depends on how much texture you want your toast to be,, I made mine pretty textured..
  • Using a mixture of brown and orange pastel, shade the edges (crust). I find this technique more realistic than using brown clay for the crust. Also, remember to shade the ‘faces’ of the toast. Again, it depends on how burnt you want your toast to be.Completed Toast
    Aaaand there we go C: It should look something like this. ^^^
    I hope that looks realistic enough, I gave it a lot of texture ohoho ,,


So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this super simple tutorial.
As always, requests and questions are welcome, so if you have any, leave below :