Im Baaack :D

Hello Hello,,

I’m finally back from China -phew-
A lot of things happened so I ended up coming back on the 28th and now I’m just slowly unpacking both my luggage and the boxes from when I moved houses.

I didn’t get to buy many craft supplies at all…. TT___TT It seems ¬†will have to rely on Ebay for a little bit longer.
Turns out my relatives didn’t really know where to go specifically to buy raw materials,, but that’s okay.

I did however buy a couple of items which is better than nothing ^^.



Felt book

Managed to find this adorable felt book, cost me about $5 NZD





Felt book 2

Also found these two felt books. There were two other books in this series but one was crochet and another was just random DIY projects. This is insanely cute and helpful so I’ll be making things out of these very soon. I also hope to be able to scan some patterns up ,, but I’ll have to look into whether I’m allowed to or not ( I should do as long as the patterns aren’t being used to generate money though).

Or else I’ll just try to upload¬†similiar patterns. … that I may or may not have traced or drew myself…

One cost $5 NZD and the other about $5.70 NZD.

Cheap right ? Ah

CellphoneStrapsCellphone straps.

The blue and pink ones cost 3 cents RMB for one, so it was $30 RMB for one hundred. I bought 50 of each colour so in total about $6 NZD spent on this type.
The black and red ones cost me 10 RMB, so about $2 NZD for each bundle. I’m not actually sure how many is in each bundle… probably about 50 as well.


Now these are mini drinking glasses. They are actually used for drinking white wine (? I think ) and are kind of small.
They cost me $3 RMB each and I bought 6 of the first glass and 12 of the second one. I’m thinking about using them as sundae cups of some sort.



Acrylic paints, just the primary colours and classic black and white :D
I think it was about $7 – 8 NZD for this box. I’m not sure because I went to a place where you could haggle ^^. In these places, none of the items have a price on them ahahaha



Pastels. Now these were slightly more expensive being about $20 NZD for this box. However it’s still cheaper than the ones in NZ.
The pastels I have now are in 24 colours and are only about 3 cm long….. even then it cost me $18 NZD. And the ones of bought in China are full size as well ! Should be able to use that for a long long time :D


So there you go,, this all the craft items I got from China. I’m pretty sure that if I knew where to go, I would’ve come back with HEAPS of things… ahahah
But for now I’m happiest about those felt books, I’ll be working out of those for a while and just making short tutorials on basics (like making fruits and tart bases). I also hope to reopen my Etsy ASAP with new listings and start posting regularly again.

But for now, I will be quickly unpacking my boxes and luggage as all my craft supplies are still packed away ^^

Till then,

Thanks for reading !