[Felt Crafts] # 5 – The Cherry

Hello again,,

If you have missed any:

Blueberry tutorial

Whole Strawberry

Sliced Strawberry

Strawberry wedge

And now, the Cherry !





This is just a comparison picture with dark red and normal red felt. It’s really up to you which colour you prefer


  • With the brown, cut out a thin strip of brown (not so thin that it will break)
  • and near the end, tie a knot – this is the stem
  • If you later find that it’s too long, you can always trim it.
  • If you have brown string , do the same thing.


  • On the dark red felt, cut out a circle
  • Mark the centre and make a small cut
  • Place the brown felt / string through the hole


  • Attach the stem to the red felt 
  • Use a running stitch on the outside edge
  • Pull and close in the edges
  • Adding stuffing and close the ‘entrance’


And it’s completed ! ^^


Next will be the Pineapple and Apple slice !

Thanks for reading !



[Felt Crafts] # 4 – Blueberries

Hello Hello !

More fruit tutorials :D
This time, the Blueberry




  • Dark blue felt
  • Light blue felt
  • Stuffing
  • Dark coloured thread (I’ll be using a light colour for the sake of this tutorial)
  • Glue ( Can be anything, preferably something that dries quick. i.e super or hot glue)
  • A circular object


  • Trace a circle onto paper, and use that as the template for the blueberry
  • On the dark blue felt , cut out the circle
  • Using the light blue felt, cut out a small circle
  • Fold your felt into half horizontally and then vertically. This will give you the approximate centre point
  • Using the centre point as a guide, cut an ” x ” shape
  • Then glue the light blue circle on top – do not put any glue where it will meet the cross. 
  • Use a running stitch around the outside of the dark blue circle


  • Pull the thread to close in the edges and add stuffing
  • Knot the thread off and cut off excess thread


And that’s it ! Easyeasy right ?


Next post will be the Cherry ^^

Thanks for reading !


[Felt Crafts ] # 3 – The Strawberry slice

Hello Hello

If you’ve missed it:

Whole strawberry tutorial
Strawberry wedge tutorial

And now, here is the Strawberry slice ^^




  • Red felt
  • Dark Pink felt (I don’t have it so I’m just sing pink)
  • Pink felt (Since I didn’t have dark pink, I’m using white as the lighter colour)
  • Red thread
  • Black thread
  • “Leaf/Petal” template (You can easily draw this yourself)
  • Glue
  • White thread

So: Red piece x 1 , Dark pink piece x 1 and pink piece x 1
As for the template, the size of the strawberry slice will depend on how big you make the template. 


  • Thickess of slice depends on how many pieces of pink you cut out. Here I have traced the template 3 times
  • Cut the pink pieces out
  • Cut out the white piece
  • Use the red felt and measure around the pink, afterward cut out a suitable length of red (Don’t worry about how thick the strip should be, you can trim excess off later)
  • Use the white thread, sew on the white piece onto the middle of the pink. Sewing it on one layer is fine and follow the pattern drawn shown above
  • If you want to add more detail , use the black thread and add the seeds , you can also use beads if you wish


  • Stack the pink pieces on top of each other, you can hold it in place with a peg and wait for it to dry if you wish
  • I didn’t, so I just glued the red strip around it straight away ahahaa
  • As I had excess red, follow the dotted lines and cut them away


And thats it. Easssyy right ?


This concludes the “Strawberry series”

And I shall continue to post up more tutorials on fruits and decoration pieces later.

Thanks for reading !


[Felt Crafts] # 2 – The Strawberry wedge

Hello Hello,

Following on the whole strawberry, this is the strawberry wedge.




  • Red felt
  • Dark pink felt ( I didn’t have that so I had to use normal pink felt )
  • Pink felt ( Since I didn’t have dark pink, this lighter colour had to be white)
  • Red thread
  • White thread
  • Black thread

Now, As for the templates, you can see they are basically “leaf” or “petal” shapes.

The Pink is the roundest leaf shape, the red is slightly smaller and more narrow and the white is even smaller

You can either draw them out yourself – or I will try to draw them up on photoshop and attach it to this post


  • Cut out each felt piece. The colours and shapes can be seen in the “materials” image

Should be: Red x 1, Dark pink x 1 , Light pink x 1

  • If you want, use black thread to add the ‘seeds’ , you can also use beads if you wish
  • Then, sew the white piece onto the pink piece with white thread – follow the pattern drawn in the middle image (Let’s make this the front)

Because the red piece is smaller than the pink piece, when you sew it and fill it up, it will end up being pulled back and look like a ‘wedge’ or a ‘half’ of a strawbery.


  • Place the red piece onto the back of the pink and start sewing around it. (Blanket stitch or whip stitch)
  • Add the stuffing before closing it off
  • Remember to add the details such as seeds ! I didn’t , so here it is drawn in…


  • Here it is sewn up, I have used black thread for the purpose of this tutorial, however you should use red thread.
  • You can also see that the white thread used in the middle does not stand out. This is because I used light pink felt instead of dark pink. Please use the right colours if you want a pretty strawberry ^^


And that’s it,, a ‘wedge’ or ‘half’ a strawberry.

The next tutorial will be the “Strawberry slice ” ^^ Be waiting for that !

Thanks for reading !



[Felt Crafts] #1 : The whole strawberry

Hello there,,

Today I’m going to start posting on felt crafts ^^
I will be concentrating on making ‘food’ items and will be posting basics such as making tart bases, decoration pieces and fruits. (Any particular requests, please comment below)

After that, I’ll put everything together and show you how you can make your own dessert from felt :D

(Note : This is all going to be hand sewn, not the needle felt type of craft )

Shall we begin with the basic whole strawberry ?




  • Red felt
  • Green felt
  • Beads (optional)
  • Glue (Can be super glue, PVA , fabric , hot glue gun – anything)
  • Red thread
  • Black thread (optional)
  • Circular object (for drawing template)
  • Stuffing

Note : In this tutorial, I used white thread so you can see it easier. When you are making any craft, unless you want it to stand out, use matching thread colours with your felt pieces.


  • First take the circular object and trace around it. Cut it in half and use that as a template for the strawberry. 
  • Whole strawberries are made from semi circles
  • On the red felt, cut out the semi circle
  • Then on the green felt, cut out a small square (You can do this after the strawberry has been made, or before it)
  • So: Red semi circle x 1 , green small square x 1


  • Fold the semi circle in half ( I have pinned it down to take a picture)
  • And then use blanket stitch , or here, I used the whip stitch to sew the straight edge together
  • Then use the running stitch for the round edge of the strawberry


  • After using the running stitch, pull the thread and you will see that the bottom will start to close in.
  • Before that, fill it with stuffing – how much is up to you
  • If you want your strawberries to have beads, chose which colour you want and thread up another needle.
  • Start adding them onto your strawberry
  • You will have two threads – one for the bottom and one for the beads
  • Once you are happy with your beads, just tie off the thread and cut excess


  • Then pull the thread tight and criss cross over the opening a couple of times to ensure the strawberry will not open up again.
  • Tie off and cut excess
  • If you don’t want the beaded look, just go for the classic and use black thread to add the details. You should do this before sewing the red felt together
  • Then draw a flower shape on the green square + cut
  • Use your glue and stick it on the bottom of the strawberry


Aaand that’s about it.

I know that most people already know how to make the felt strawberry, but again, I am starting from basics.

I hope this was easy to understand, I tend to write a lot but the images themselves should be pretty self explanatory.

Also, I would choose small clear beads or silver if I were to add them onto the strawberry. These pink ones were all the I had, and I didn’t pull the thread tight enough so they were sort of sticking out….

Next will be the Strawberry half, or “wedge”

Thanks for reading !



Felt Tutorial : Rilakkuma Plushie

Hello Hello ^^

Just a quick tutorial for you guys. Sorry about some of the lighting and the quality of this plushie,, I don’t have a lot of time right now so it doesn’t look as good as it should u__u
This post will be s a Rilakkuma Plushie ! Except it will just be the head part, and he’ll be in a “costume” of some sort.
Basically, you can use WHATEVER colours you want and whatever design you want.
For my original one, I put Rilakkuma in a strawberry hood and this time he’ll just be in this random felt pattern.

Strawberry Rilakkuma

If you’re going to make something like a strawberry that has those extra details, make sure you add them on before you start to construct it. For this one, I had to use black thread and make those little ‘seeds’ on all the pieces of the hood. If you’re going to make an animal, make sure you cut out all the stripes and such.

Oho,, I got my template from here: [link]

So here we go ^^ !




I basically printed out two different sizes and chose the bottom ones
You will need a duplicate copy ^^



  • Brown
  • Any other colour you want. (I’m using that apple patterned one because I haven’t used it before)
  • White


  • Needle
  • Corresponding thread colour to your ‘hood’ (or any colour you want really,,)
  • Stuffing
  • Glue
  • Pins


  • Ribbon (So you can turn it into a keychain. Or any other piece of fabric or jump ring)
  • Half black pearls (If you don’t have this, just cut out two black circles for eyes)
  • Ball chain ( or you can use a keyring + chain )



Cutting Templates out

  • Cut out the templates
  • On one, separate the head from the ears
  • On second one, draw a line for where you want the hood to be. (When cutting, if you want it to be symmetrical, fold it in half and follow the side that you drew best)


  • Pin the templates to the felt and cut out the shapes
  • Brown Head x 1
  • (Colour of your choice) Head x 1
  • Hood x 1
  • Ears x 4
  • Snout x 1
  • Cut a small strip of ribbon, size is up to you, it doesn’t really matter


  • Arrange the layers (outside colour, brown, hood) on top of each other. If you want, you can trim the brown piece a little bit to hide the edges
  • Thread your need and use blanket stitch around until you get to where the ears will be
  • Place the ears in , and use a running stitch to keep them in place.
  • Change back to blanket stitch until you get to where the ribbon will be. Use running stitch it keep it in place
  • Continue to blanket stitch again until you get to the ears where you will use the running stitch.
  • Keep blanket stitching to the end of the ‘hood’
  • At this point, you can stuff the ears if you want, but I just stitched them together using blanket stitch


  • If you trimmed the brown too much and it doesn’t get stitched together when you do the outline, you may have to use a running stitch to attach it to the head like I did.
  • Take your stuffing, and stuff it in the bottom
  • Close it up by using a blanket stitch
  • Glue on the eyes using the glue (I used PVA, hot glue gun will be more stable though)
  • On the snout, you can either sew on the details or draw it on like me
  • Glue on the snout
  • Add the ball chain

And you’re done !


So here you go ^^
Honestly, this is really easy, I don’t know why I have so much text hahaha,,

Sorry I haven’t really been able to craft much, I just had three exams (math and chem on the same day ! Oh my life, I think I failed some ..) and I have about two more next week..
Then I won’t be on holiday for another week so yeah, until then, I guess there’ll just be updates here and there.

And look ! Aang and Appa turned into a necklace for shipping  ! ;D



Thanks for reading !


Happy Easter !

Hellooo my reader ! ^^

Happy Easter !! Today is Easter Sunday in NZ… and I JUST finished my Easter themed creation.

Here you go !

Easter themed creation

Not your typical Easter theme right ? Haha, it kind of reminds me of digimon…
This creation (the blue one) is a cross between a bunny and an egg ! I wanted to give it a litttle bit more of a personality by giving it a ninja mask, and a cute hair swirl haha,, Do you like ?
Sorry if you don’t… I really didn’t know what to make.

Now, the black bunny next to it is a B.A.P Bunny.
You’re probably wondering what it is right ? Well, B.A.P stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect. It is a name of a Korea boy band, and their mascots are bunnies ^^

It was my friends’ birthday earlier this week and she requests the B.A.P bunny. So I made all of them.

Here are the rest !

B.A.P Bunnies

And ofc, tutorials will be made and posted ^^
If you want to be notified when, just click that follow button,,

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it