Whoa there

Longgg time no post right ?

Apparently, my last post was about March.. so over 6 months ago…

So much for posting every one or so right ?


Actually looking back through my older entries, I feel like I should mass edit them all.
Just cringing at my usage of ” ^^” ” TT___TT” and the sort..


But whatever.

Anyways, just a little post about me finally being on holiday !!
It’s finally here, from now till about… March 2015 ?
I’m on holiday… ahh yisss..

And also, I have actually been crafting here and there – just largely unfinished things.
I still have a whole lot of sculptures I haven’t gotten around to properly paint / glaze.
To be honest though, I’m not sure I want to finish those..


But what I DID finish, was a new portal gun !
As usual , it was for a friends’ birthday, and as usual, I just winged my way through the sculpting process so yep.
Didn’t even manage to take a whole bunch of images of it either.

Can I add though, out of all the Portal Guns I’ve made, (about 3-4), this one is the most accurate.
Since it was a gift, I actually had to think carefully the order I would make/bake/paint the pieces in, and how each part will be made.

Also, as usual, I rushed it till the last moment, almost screwed it up several times AND was late to the party because I was so desperate to finish it off… Hmm..


But without any further ado, here are some TERRIBLE images I took right before I left.
I wish I had some better lighting, and area to take the photos in – but really, there wasn’t time.
There are the ones that didn’t suck too much as well haha, enjoy.


Here is what it looks like completed.
I bought a case that is specifically for those little models / figurines and placed the portal gun in it.
I also quickly made a stand last minute for it.

Apparently a “Portal Gun stand” exists…. I can’t believe I didn’t google it earlier because I had so much time when I was waiting for paint to dry.
The stand I made here was a mixture of that stand and some improvisation.

If I remember correctly, the gun measures about 7cm across.
Made with :

  • Super sculpey
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glaze
  • Wire
  • Hot glue
  • Clear plastic






Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the general outline of how I made the gun.

  • Make two tubes out of clay, cut the middles out of both of them, and place one in the other
  • Make the front part which is for the shooting by stacking different sized circle clays
  • Roll out blue clay into a log and place it into the body of the gun
  • Bake
  • Sculpt the back part of the gun
  • Bake separately
  • Make the front white bit of the gun
  • Bake separately
  • Paint the main body of the gun black
  • Paint the insides of the white bits
  • Get some clear plastic, glue it over the main body of the gun where the middle was cut out of
  • Attach both the white bits onto the body of the gun with hot glue
  • Shape some wire
  • Glue onto the white bits of the gun, and just according to what it looks like
  • Paint several smooth coats of paint over the white bits
  • Shape some wire and glue them at the front of the gun
  • Paint over the hot glue
  • Glaze

As for the stand, I just made the basic structure, and used black felt and hot glued it on.


And that’s about it.
It’s not too difficult,¬†but …quite tedious.
Baking the parts separately was so that I could paint the overall piece better, and give off a cleaner finish.
Sometimes I underbaked the pieces, and adding too much pressure meant that I broke them.
Painting is always a pain since my acrylic paint likes to try kinda… sticky ? It attracts dust quite easily and it’s so painful to get a smooth coat without mixing it with water first…


Anywho, maybe if it ever gets requested for my etsy, I’ll make another one and post up the process for that.

As for the next sculpture I’m working on, it’s Baby Groot !!
I have finished making him, and moving onto the painting process.

Hope to post those results soon.

Thanks for reading as usual,


Tutorial : Gaming Series (Gamecube controller)

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been so long since my last tutorial ! So far they have only been updates right ? -ah =”=
As you know, I didn’t manage to make a lot during my break, so that means I haven’t got a whole heap of tutorials lined up. I’ve also been into making random objects (like controllers, clay in the mini glass bottle), so you probably won’t be seeing a lot of “food” themed posts.

However, if you do have a request, please feel free to comment ^^ I’ll just add it to the list of things to make haha,,

Anyways. Since they are quite short, I’ll post two up at a time.

Go go go !



Materials for Game cube remote

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Olive green
  • Mixing Colours
  • My purple wasn’t the right shade so I mixed the blue in.
  • Cut a small amount out – this will be for the buttons
  • Mix that part ¬†with some white until you get the right shade. That second image proportion is inaccurate ahaha…


  • Before you use the purple, take a little bit out and leave it for the details.
  • Then, roll the bigger blob into a log-except do this to the ends only. You want the middle to be thicker.
  • Bend the log into the shape of a horse shoe and flatten.
  • Using that blob you took out, roll out and flatten 4 circles. Two larger than the other two.
  • Blend the edges.


  • Take the two pieces and place it where its’ meant to go.
  • Roll out that light purple THINLY. The thickness depends on how big your controller is, but in my case – super thin.
  • Carefully cut out the arrow pad (is that what it’s called ?)


  • Place on the arrow pad.
  • Take another blob of purple, and place it above the arrow pad
  • Blend that blob until it’s just a bump.
  • Take the lighter purple and place it on top of that bump.
  • Place the rest of the details on.

Bake and you’re done ! :D



There you go ! It’s really easy once you get the basic shape down,, if need one, always have a reference image nearby for accuracy !


Thanks for reading!