Tutorial : “Shaping” your own clay ‘cream’

Hey guys,

From the previous tutorial, you can see that I ‘made’ my own ‘cream’ from shaping it using a tool. Someone asked for a tutorial, so here it is ^^

This is super simple, and it’s really up to you on what your ‘cream’ ends up looking like. However, if you don’t have the same tool I have, I’m not sure what you could use to replace it….
maybe the end of a small paintbrush ? :/

Here we go !


Materials (whoa , sorry for the huge image)


  • Clay of your preference
  • Metal skewer thing (what is it called ? )


  • Using the rounded end, start making a ‘cream’ pattern on your clay.
  • Do this by lightly indenting your design.
  • When you’re happy with it, go over the pattern with more pressure put on the tool.
  • To define the bottom even more, use the pointed end of the tool and push the clay inwards.


  • (First image) It should look something like this.
  • Now, you define the top by making it more pointed
  • Take the end of the tool, and drag it upward, following the line of your pattern


  • Keep fixing your ‘cream’ clay until you’re satisfied with it.


And there we go :D
Super easy right ? I’m sorry if my ‘cream’ doesn’t look as good as the one in my previous tutorial. The shape really depends on you, so fix it however.

Hope my explanation was okay…..

Thanks for the reading !




Tutorial : Mold making (chocolate)

Hello my reader ^^

Today will be a short tutorial on how to make molds. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, just mixing two parts right ? (I’ll show you anyways ohoho,)


Here we go !



  • Mold putty
  • The object you want to be a replica of ( in this case, chocolate !)

Mixing the mold

  • Take equal parts of each colour ( so that means 1:1 ratio).
  • Mix together ! Mix till you have no more streaks in your putty. I have to work quite fast because mine is fast drying.
  • Slowly, push the putty down onto the chocolate. Make there are no air bubbles, and that it’s stuck to the whole surface.
  • (Try not to push the object into the putty. This tends to morph the details. Instead, roll your putty down over, and firmly push it onto the surface – make sure all important details will be captured)

The replica

  • Once it’s dry, take the object out. Can you see that the chocolate sort of melted ? TT This sort of made my design less clear….
  • Shall we try and see what it looks like ? I put cold porcelain in there !
  • The shape looks the same ! It’s got all the edges ^^

Better comparison

  • Let’s try colouring the CP, make it more realistic,,
  • Which one do you think is the real chocolate ? Wahaha, it’s the bottom one.

Cracks in Porcelain

  • This was the next morning.
  • See how the CP cracked ? It cracked in places where I placed separate blobs and blended them in.
  • The top one doesn’t have any cracks so that means, CP doesn’t crack when you just have one piece !

And there we go !

A chocolate mold, and a little test on how well CP takes on detail from the mold. Remember, if you don’t want cracks in your CP, try to just use one piece instead of blending in several pieces.

Enjoy and thanks for reading !

-My Easter themed creation will be up shortly  ! Just adding some finishing touches ^^;;


Tutorial : Cheese cake

Hey guys !

Today, I will be making cheesecake. This is SUPER simple, and for this one, you’ll see once again how effective pastel is ^^

Here we go !



  • Baby yellow clay ( or mix white with yellow)
  • A brown ( studio sculpey : Nutmeg)
  • Orange
  • Toothbrush
  • A rectangle cutter (this is about 1 cm by 0.5 cm)
  • Pastel (orange and brown)

Layers of cheesecake

  • Mix the orange and baby yellow together
  • Roll out kind of thick
  • Roll out brown thin ( not too thin, make sure it’s visible)


  • Layer it on top of each other
  • Use the rectangular cutter ! ( if you don’t have one , a razor blade would work. Just make sure the shapes are all the same)


  • Using your toothbrush, texture the sides LIGHTLY. Try to only get the texture on the yellow part.


  • Shade with pastel.
  • I used a mix of orange and brown. Don’t make it too brown, the surface of cheesecake is usually an orangey colour ^^

Bake and glaze ^^

And there we go ^^

Super easy right ? You can also see the pastel really added the detail onto it , wahaha ! Of course you can use a circle cutter to make it look more like traditional cheescake,,
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one, if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment !

Thanks for reading


Tutorial : Piping bag

Hallo Hallo !

This was a request, so here is a quick tutorial for preparing a piping bag. For the piping bag, you can use an actual one, or more commonly,  a ziploc bag.



  • Scissors
  • Your icing tip
  • Sellotape
  • Ziploc bag / piping bag
As you can see, I don’t have a ziploc bag ><;; Sorry ! Instead,  I made a piping bag from a piece of paper….
Sticking on the icing tip
  • Cut the tip off the ziploc /piping bag
  • Place the tip over it
  • Sellotape in place ! I usually just wrap the tape around a couple of times. Make sure it’s secure !
  • I guess it should look something like this… instead of the paper, imagine a ziploc bag :)
And its done !
This is just how I prepare my bags for piping dollops of ‘cream’. Ofc, I use an actual ziploc bag instead of paper. Although, I’m thinking if you could make the piping bag out of baking paper, and then sticking the icing tip on…. do you think it’ll work ? Maybe I’ll try it one day ..


Another method is to just cut the tip of the bag, and then place the icing tip from the inside. I was going to show you, but as you can see, the paper isn’t transparent…
This method works as well, but you have to make sure you tape down the sides of the bag where it wraps about the icing tip. This is because you’ll get ‘cream’ into the sides, and then it’ll ooze out.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions, just leave a comment ^^

Thanks for reading!


Happy Valentines day <3 : Valentine Bear Paperweight + card holder

Hey there !

As you can see from my previous post, I was DEFINITELY going to post a Valentine themed craft on Tuesday ;D
Well, It’s Monday 11:30pm right now, I actually JUST finished the craft one hour ago…. yes, it took me very very long…

I was actually going to post the tutorial up tomorrow after school but,,, I don’t want to keep you waiting ><
(also, think about the editing x__x )

So I’ll leave you with this !
It is a  “Bear paperweight + a card holder”.

Tutorial will be up as soon as I finish editing ! Happy Valentines day !

Valentine Themed bear paper weight + card holder

I tried to make it “Valentined themed” as much as possible… but .. I really could not think of anything else but chocolate.
And we all know chocolate for Valentines is abused every year – so I do not that for this post !

(see the heart shaped ears and nose ? ohoho ! The rosy cheeks and pink colour theme :D = valentines okay ? )

– Hope you’re satisfied with this creation !