Tutorial : Mold making (chocolate)

Hello my reader ^^

Today will be a short tutorial on how to make molds. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, just mixing two parts right ? (I’ll show you anyways ohoho,)


Here we go !



  • Mold putty
  • The object you want to be a replica of ( in this case, chocolate !)

Mixing the mold

  • Take equal parts of each colour ( so that means 1:1 ratio).
  • Mix together ! Mix till you have no more streaks in your putty. I have to work quite fast because mine is fast drying.
  • Slowly, push the putty down onto the chocolate. Make there are no air bubbles, and that it’s stuck to the whole surface.
  • (Try not to push the object into the putty. This tends to morph the details. Instead, roll your putty down over, and firmly push it onto the surface – make sure all important details will be captured)

The replica

  • Once it’s dry, take the object out. Can you see that the chocolate sort of melted ? TT This sort of made my design less clear….
  • Shall we try and see what it looks like ? I put cold porcelain in there !
  • The shape looks the same ! It’s got all the edges ^^

Better comparison

  • Let’s try colouring the CP, make it more realistic,,
  • Which one do you think is the real chocolate ? Wahaha, it’s the bottom one.

Cracks in Porcelain

  • This was the next morning.
  • See how the CP cracked ? It cracked in places where I placed separate blobs and blended them in.
  • The top one doesn’t have any cracks so that means, CP doesn’t crack when you just have one piece !

And there we go !

A chocolate mold, and a little test on how well CP takes on detail from the mold. Remember, if you don’t want cracks in your CP, try to just use one piece instead of blending in several pieces.

Enjoy and thanks for reading !

-My Easter themed creation will be up shortly  ! Just adding some finishing touches ^^;;



Making Cold Porcelain : My proccess

Hello there :D

So the other day, I had a comment on deviant art saying I could make cold porcelain, and use that for my crafting needs. I did mention in my other post that I would make it in the weekend – and today I did ^^.

I used the recipe from here, but I didn’t use it exactly:

3/4 cup glue

1/2 cup water

1 tsp pond’s cold cream

1 tsp glycerin

1 cup cornstarch


When I saw these ingredients, I thought cold cream was some some sort of cream – as in the dairy product….
After some research, I found out it was actually some sort of heavy hand cream. Many sites recommended using “Ponds” hand cream but, since I didn’t really want to buy it, I used Neutrogena hand cream instead. 

Neutrogena hand cream works just as well. I think it just needs to be a non-greasy formula. I also had some sort of tub at home containing either potato starch or corn starch. I’m not actually sure which one is in the tub, but I’m pretty sure it was potato. It also worked – I don’t think there is a big difference between corn and potato starch.

Edit : So I asked what flour was in the tub, and it was Tapioca. COMPLETELY different.. haha.. well, I guess it worked, so yeah. For my next batch, I’ll use all the right ingredients so I can accurately make comparisons (between polymer clay). 

When I was making the mixture, the fumes- oh my life. The brand of glue I was using was “Selley’s PVA wood glue”. THE FUMES ! It smelt so bad, I had to hold the saucepan away for stirring (which was hard because the mixture was reallly thick).

The author of that post also said to knead the mixture for about 5 minutes with cornstarch until it wasn’t sticky anymore. I did this for probably longer, and wasted a lot of cornstarch. My CP (cold porcelain) was nice and smooth on the outside, but when you kneaded it, the inside went all sticky again.

So I did some more research and found out that you should use hand cream to knead the CP. I used the hand cream and it made such a difference ! It make my CP a lot smoother, and ofc, it did not stick to my hands.

First time making CPThis was after kneading it for more than 5 minutes. I was actually just going to leave it like this until I read it wasn’t supposed to be sticky any more. I kneaded it more – but it still remained sticky :(

Better CPHere is what my CP looked like after I kneaded it using the hand cream to coat my hands. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the surface is glossy and much better than the first time I made it. Keep CP in a ziploc bag with the inside coated with hand cream to prevent drying out.

I also read some comments saying that the cold porcelain they made cracked when it was drying. This is a little troubling because I don’t want my creations to crack…. and the amount of glue I used seemed like a waste….

Ah.. aparently it’s due to the water evaporating.

Next time, I’ll try this recipe:

1 Cup Cornstarch
1 Cup  of white glue
1 Tbs vinegar/lime juice or lemon juice
1 Tbs Baby Oil

So there we go !

I have made my porcelain, and I’ll see if I can make any tutorials with it. I don’t think texturing will work too well because the CP is very smooth and soft. I think I’ll concentrate more on things like figurines/characters.

-Thanks for reading !


Edit: May I also add that the texture of CP is VERY similiar to Sculpey Mold maker. VERY VERY SIMILAR.