Tutorial : Mameshiba Charm

Hey guys !

This was a request, so I’ll quickly post this up ^^
I made a Mameshiba Keychain¬†¬†for my friend in Korea, and someone wanted to know how I made it. It’s super simple, and will probably only take you 5 minutes to make + 15 min Baking time,
Also, you can use whatever colours you want, I just used some leftover clay for this.

Here we go ! (And sorry for the blurry-ish pictures )




  • Colour of your choice
  • Second colour of your choice will be the ears. You don’t need a lot of this.
  • Either a sharpie ( or another fine pointed marker) OR
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint

The main shape

  • The main body is like a bean shape. So use a reference image, and manipulate your clay until you like the shape.
  • For the ears, take two small blobs, roll it into the shape of a grain of rice
  • Flatten
  • This is optional, but I made it into a leaf . Just use your razor blade


  • Place the ears on the main body
  • Bake
  • Take your sharpie/acrylic paint and draw on the face
  • I did it on a piece of paper so you could see better
  • Then finally, use white acrylic paint to add that shine. A toothpick will work fine. ( I couldn’t find my white paint)
  • Glaze to make sure the face doesn’t rub off.
Mameshiba Keychain

As for the construction of the keychain, place an eyepin into the top of the clay before you bake it. If you are making several, make sure you place an eyepin at the top and the bottom. Then connect them together using jumprings. The strap part of the keychain was purchased off Ebay for about 2.50 USD ? I think I got about 100 of them, and it was free shipping !

So there we go ^^ I hope this helped !

Thanks for reading !!