Tutorial : Mickey Mouse Melon Pan

Hello Hello,,

So this tutorial is actually quite old. I made this Melon pan charm back when I was making the Strapaya Mickey Mouse charms..
I didn’t upload this one because I thought it was ugly and that I made it quite poorly.. ohoho

Anyway, someone requested it , so I’ll be posting it today ^^
I was actually going to remake it but I start my “Study Week” so I’m just going to use old images. I may or may not update this post in the future with better quality images and probably a better outcome..

So here we go !




  • Chalk Pastels
  • Light yellow clay
  • Some kind of tool with a flat edge. You can use the back of a razor blade for this (be careful though), or a ruler etc,,


  • So for this you just need three circles.
  • Two small equal sized ones for the ears
  • One larger one for the main
  • Make sure they’re dome shapes and not flat circles


  • For the pattern, lightly use your tool and create indents on the clay.
  • You can go for “squares” or “diamonds”
  • Make sure the indents go all the way to the bottom edge, not just the top parts where it’s visible. Also, try to keep everything even


  • Do the same pattern for the ears
  • And arrange the clay. You can use some TLS to make sure the ears stick on, or just squish them together. However, make sure it doesn’t lose its pattern


  • Now for pastels. Excuse how ugly and dirty mine are…
  • You’re going to need a range of browns, oranges and yellows. You don’t need all the colours shown in the picture, those are just the range of pastels I usually use for shading things like pastries and bread
  • Yellow: Base colour to make the bread seem “golden”
  • Oranges: Goes on top of the yellow except you leave some visible so that the clay looks like it’s been browned and golden.
  • Browns: Goes on the top most  “exposed” parts of the clay. This is to make it seem like it burned a bit.


  • Putting the base colour yellow all over the ‘bread’
  • Some orange over the whole bread
  • Mix of browns and oranges in the “lines” of the bread
  • Add an eyepin at this point if you want to + Bake

I tend to avoid glazing things like breads because they aren’t shiny in real life. Also, remember to shade the base.


And that’s it :D

Pretty simply right ?
The details are basically down to the shading from the pastels. ^^

Hope you liked this one ! Sorry for the bad quality,,

Thanks for reading !



Tutorial : Minnie Mouse cruller donut

Hello my dumplings !

Today is going to be a tutorial on the “Minnie mouse cruller donut”

This is following on with that strapya series that I was making.  It was inspired by the following image… except, it’s the blurry one in the background TT

Strapya Cruller donut

Now, the one I’m going to be making is a bit uglier, it’s got texture, it’s less shiny, and the icing part isn’t exactly the same…

But here we go anyway !




  • Translucent sculpey or Fimo deco gel
  • Light yellow clay (or whatever you want your donut to be)
  • Pink pastel ( or whatever you want your icing colour to be)
  • Needle tool
  • I didnt actually end up using the white…. (also, my camera decided to focus on the bottle of TLS…)

Basic shape

  • First, divide your clay into thirds. 1/3 will be for the ears, and the other 2/3 will be the main body.
  • Roll out the 2/3 into a log and make it into a circle shape.
  • Take the 1/3 of clay and divide it into two. Roll them out into logs, and make mini circles.
  • Attach to the main body.
  • Make sure you blend the edges !

Adding the details

  • Here are the two types of needle tools I have. One is thicker. For this creation, I will be using the thicker needle tool
  • Start making the pattern into the clay. Don’t sketch it out like I did ( I ended up not following it..)
  • Make light indents into the clay, and when you’re happy with it, make them deeper and more defined.
  • Do the same the ears.

Making the icing

  • Here is the completed donut. (If you want to, use a tooth brush to add some texture)
  • Now we ice it ! Add some TLS with pink pastel. I actually ended up putting deco gel into it… do not do that. (Unless you want it to be runny)
  • Mix mix mix ,

Putting on the icing

  • As you can see, the ‘icing’ looks like it’s really thick…. well since I added deco, it ended up running down all the sides while it was baking.
  • This resulted into the second image, you can see that there is a pool of icing haha,,
  • Bake
  • Glaze

And there we go ! ;D
As you can see, my version of the Minnie mouse cruller donut is definitely different than the strapya one. I wanted the icing to have a really nice shiny effect, so I added deco gel….ah

It still looks okay right ?

I hope you enjoyed this ! Thanks so much for reading !


Tutorial : Mickey mouse cream puff

Hey guys !

Another Mickey mouse themed tutorial today !
If you read my first tutorial that is the mickey mouse donut, you’ll know that I got these ideas from Strapya world.

Strapya Mickey mouse cream puff charm

Let’s get started !



  • Butterscotch clay (yellow-ish clay)
  • White clay
  • Some type of “whipped cream” (clay, deco, or some kind of white sealant)
  • Brown pastel
  • Liquid sculpey ( sculpey is best because fimo deco will give a transparent-ish finish- which is not what I want)
As you can see, I mixed the butterscotch colour with white to make it lighter. This is the bun of the cream puff.
Making the shape
  • Make one ball + 2 smaller ones for the ears.
  • Split the larger one into two
  • Make one half (of the larger ball) into a bun shape. Which is basically like a dome.
You’ll see that in the third image, I made the ears level with the dome shaped clay. You don’t actually want this. When I put the ‘cream’ into the clay, and sandwiched the two pieces together, I found that the ears were not big enough…. this is a really bad explanation, you’ll see what I mean in the end.
Making icing
  • You see the bun shape ? Also, notice how the other half is significantly thinner. We don’t want it to be the same thickness as the dome.
  • Mix the liquid sculpey with brown pastel
Adding icing
  • Add the icing onto the bun. Make sure when you add it, you give the ‘chocolate’ a ‘drizzled’ effect. The sculpey is thick enough to hold it’s shape, so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Bake.
  • You’ll see than the sculpey baked matte. This is what we want because it looks like real chocolate this way. Fimo deco gel is quite light in texture, and will not hold its shape. Also, it finishes quite transparent.
I actually just wanted to leave it like this…. it looked quite nice haha
Making and adding cream
  • Now is the time to add your ‘cream’
  • I am not using liquid clay + white clay. As you can see, it’s a type of tile filler. “Selley’s No more gaps”.
  • You only need a small amount. To make it thicker, and hold it’s shape, mix with some type of flour. I usually just use tapioca (which is like corn/potato starch)
  • Add onto the bottom half of the bun
  • Sandwich the top and bottom together and there!
  • As you can see, the ears are not actually touching the surface… this is what I meant when  I said to make the ears bigger. If you have a tiny piping tool, pipe the cream in. This way , it’ll have more detail.
Hope you like ! The next one is coming soon

Tutorial : Mickey Mouse donut

Hello Hello,

It’s been a while since my last tutorial right ? Ohoho, I actually have A LOT lined up for you guys ! I really want to post them all up at once, but nono, I have to post them slowly. ;D I’m in the stage of editing a lot of other tutorials, so yes. Be waiting ^^

Lately, I’ve been looking for ideas for making charms, and came across “Strapya World”. They have the CUTEST charms, and each one is pretty simple. My charms aren’t exactly the same , but I’ll show you the basic ideas of how to construct it.

Mickey Mouse donut and many tutorials coming up are from here.

Strapya Mickey mouse donut

So here we go !


Colours of clay you need

  • Brown clay
  • Red clay
  • Litttle bit of yellow clay
  • Pepper corn or tinfoil

Making the shape

  • Roll out 8 balls + 2 slightly larger ones
  • Arrange them like so (second image ofc)
  • Add the two onto the top for the ears

Adding details

  • Roll out the red clay thinly and place it onto the bottom half of the donut.( I didn’t roll it as thin so the red part of my donut looks a bit fat…)
  • Cut off the excess, and blend away the edges. You might want to adjust the shape a little so it sort of shows the outline of the bottom part
  • Make two small ovals and place on top of the red

Finished item

  • I used a peppercorn, but you can just scrunch up tinfoil and add texture onto the clay. The actual charm doesn’t have any texture, but I just wanted to add some. It’s completely up to you.
  • Add the eyepin (did I mention I also bought eyepins ? :D )

Bake and glaze !

Three different charms

And it should look like that once it’s baked :D

So there we go.

A Mickey mouse donut tutorial. This was super simple as you can see :D
I hope you liked it ! The rest will be up soon !