Awesome Youtube channel

Hello Hello !

So I’ve been youtubing lately and came across this awesome youtube channel – so I thought I would share it with you guys.

It’s a Japanese channel and most of the videos have a voice over + eng subs. Sometimes the subs are a bit off, but since she shows you how to make the creation, the subs don’t really matter ^^
The user uses paper clay as her medium and a lot of the techniques she uses can be applied to polymer clay, porcelain clay and all that

I really love this channel..

Here are just some of some really smart ideas:

She shows you how to make macarons here + your own raspberries. I reallly really really like the raspberry idea… hurhur

How the cream made in this video is also very smart :


These are just two random videos from what I was watching earlier huhu,,
And just a note : I’m just showing you guys this video because I think that her techniques are really really helpful, not because someone told me to advertise her ^^

I really wish NZ had paper clay TT

Till then

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Tutorial : Packaging for your clay cakes

Hey guys !

If you ever read my other blog “Cyn’s updates” (it’s on the side), then you’ll know I found my ‘penpal’. She was an international student that I had met wayyy back in 2009, and she found me on FB ! We emailed each other for about 1 1/2 years ? Then lost contact for two…. and she even sent me snail mail ! I thought it was time to send one back, so I made a Cappuccino Cake .

This was a cake from a korean bakery called ” Paris Baguette” ( yes, I did some intense research ahaha)..

Todays’ tutorial will be on how I made the box to hold the cake, 

Here we go !



  • Your cake or whatever item you want to package
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cardboard ( you can use something like a cereal box , or spare book cover)
  • Patterned paper

Making the template

  • First I printed out a template as reference on how it was to be constructed.
  • Measure out your cake. Mine is about.. 5cm ? So that means the middle of the cake will be 5cm x 5cm

Detailed template

  • Blue : This will be the basic shape of the cake. It’s 5cm x 5cm
  • Green: This is the height of the cake. Mine was 2cm . Make sure you have those extra squares, those are the tabs for gluing.
  • Pink: This is the cover/lid (?) of the cake box ? I can’t think of a better word, you’ll see what it is at the end ><
  • After you cut out your template, crease all the lines.
  • Rub out the pencil lines
  • Glue the flaps with something. I’m using PVA
  • Last image: what the box looks like

Cake base

  • To give the box(base)  more support we’re going to put in a piece of cardboard.
  • Cut out a square from the cardboard and your patterned paper. (In my case, it’s 5cm x 5cm. Use your own measurements)
  • Glue them together

Placing cake

  • Here is what it looks like with the base in.
  • Place your cake on top (or whatever you are packaging)
  • I used Blu-tak to keep the pieces in place.

Finishing touches

  • I had some decoration that make the paper stick up when I folded it so, I cut the flaps shorter.
  • For the longer flaps, I folded the edge, and placed some blu-tak on it.


  • Hopefully, these images will do my explanations justice >< !
  • The idea is, is for the tops to fold over like a McD happy meal. I printed and glued the logo of Paris Baguette onto it… does it seem out of place ? Ahahah

And there ^^

I hope this tutorial was easy enough. I know the explanations are a bit unclear, so if you do have any questions, just comment below.
It’s quite easy to figure out how to make my template after printing an example out. All I had to do was alter the measurements, and then add the extra ‘flaps’ that would fold over the top.

Just a note…
I got a new computer recently, and I was looking through my posts…. do the images really look that bright ? Too much exposure ?
It looks fine when I edit it on my laptop :/ Idk. I think everything in general is just really HD now..

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Packaging for bread, cookies or in my case, Cheese cake !

Hellloo my reader ^^

Today will be a packaging post. As you know from the previous tutorial, I made a Cheesecake for my friend in Korea ^^
I had to package it somehow, and so I made it out of paper. This type of packaging will be great for breads, and long cakes of the sort, enjoy !!

So here we go !



  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Your clay creation


  • Measure out your creation’s dimensions, and that will be the base shape of the packaging. Mine was about 3cm x 1.5 cm. (Blue outline is the base shape)
  • I didn’t want to add to much height to the packaging , so I think the edge was 0.5 cm ? (From the blue to pink outline )
  • Remember the tabs that will be used for constructing !
  • Cut out + Crease
Putting box together
  • I wanted the edges to have a slight slope so I changed the shape a little bit.
  • Make the base stronger with some cardboard
  • Glue into the box
  • Here it is completed !
Cheesecake in the packaging

Sorry my explanations weren’t that great ><
If you do have any questions, just leave a comment ^^
My next tutorial will be the box that I used to package my Cappuccino Cake , so be waiting for that !
Cappuccino CakeI haven’t made a tutorial for this cake, but if you do want it, just request it. 
Thanks for reading !