Tutorial : Piglet donut (rement)

Hello my reader ^^

Another donut rement for you today , this time, it’s Piglet ^^
And as usual, super simple and quick.

So lets get started  !




  • Pink clay
  • Light pink (Studio Sculpey : Blush)
  • Brown pastel
  • Pink pastel
  • White pastel (optional, this is for lightening your pink icing)
  • TLS
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Toothbrush


  • Roll the light pink into a log + Make into donut shape
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make the hole in the middle more defined.
  • Blend edges
  • Texture with toothbrush (if you want)


  • Take the darker pink, and make them into the shape of Piglets’ ears.( Light bulbs ?)
  • Mix TLS with pink. I think this pink is a little too dark, so if you want, add white into it. ( I forgot .. )
  • Add onto the bottom half of the donut


  • Mix brown pastel with TLS
  • Take a blob on your tool (mine is needle tool), and before it drips, just drag it across your pink icing.
  • Add sprinkles if you wish.
  • Bake + Glaze

Completed Piglet donut


And there we go ^^
You can see how my icing was too dark right ? At the time, I didn’t think of adding white to make it lighter… ah…
But that’s okay,, it still looks alright.

Thanks for reading again !



Update :

Hello Helloo,,

Just an update of what I’ve made ^^
Apart from those B.A.P bunnies, (yes those tutorials will be coming soon ), I also made a whole bunch of “rements”.
I watched RRCherryPie’s video on his “Alice in wonderland Rements“, and I thought they were super cute,,, so I made some myself.

Well, actually, I only made two. The White-Rabbit Mont Blanc, and that Alice noodle thing… Idk what it is, it looks like noodles though,,

Anyway, it “inspired” me to make other things, so I went around googling rements,,

This is what I made today:


Tutorials will be made, so be waiting :D

I still have to post :

  • B.A.P Clay bunny
  • B.A.P Felt Bunny
  • Polymer Clay potato chips 
so if you want any tutorials of what I made today before those ones, just leave a comment saying which one you would like ^^
Thanks for reading !