[Bottle Art] Update

Hello Readers,

Just a small post updating you on what I’ve made.

Posts are getting much more infrequent, and inspiration / time is at a low right now.

One thing I have been learning towards is making something from scratch that I’ve drawn, so maybe there will be a post for that in the future.

Totoro waiting by the bus stop

Both bottles measuring 4cm in height with the cork, and 2cm in diameter.

Sorry for being so inactive, I imagine that it’ll continue this way for a while.

Thanks for reading as usual ! I’ll try my best !


[Big Hero 6 ] Baymax


Baymax is approximately 1.3cm tall sitting in his own glass bottle.
Height of bottle is 4cm including the cork, and 2cm in diameter.

I thought the combination of colours were a bland, so I wrapped some red twine around the neck of the bottle.

Just something I quickly made for the sake of an update heh.

Thanks for reading !


(Requests are always open btw.. it seems like I’m just not inspired by anything to make craft lately)

Etsy !!

Hey guys !

Two posts in a day ohoho

Anyways, this is a little off track but I thought I’d update with how my Etsy was going.

I don’t really know what to do with it tbh, I haven’t made a lot of a new things to put in it  and I’m always wondering if people will buy stuff at all.

That’s why I only have about 7 or 8 listings up at the moment. huhu


Animal-Cakes ApplePie2 Hello-Kitty-Cake2 Nofaces PonyoInBottle RealPinkCake2 RealPinkCakeSlice RoseInABottle Totoros


Thanks for viewing !!


So I’ve been crafting..

Hello Hello !

It’s been about a week and I have finally finished unpacking and have started to craft again !
Sorry it’s been so long TT

In these next few weeks, I’m going to start concentrating on more felt projects – I’ll be working partly out of those books and will have tutorials up in a few days of many basics.

For now, here is what I’ve been working on :



Animal Cakes inspired by this image :



My version :


Adventure Time’s : Snow Gollem ( Season 3 : Thank you )

This one is actually a gift for a friend ^^



So here’s what I’ve made so far !
As usual, tutorials will be up within the next week as will the felt ones following after.

Any questions or requests , please pm or comment below ^^


Thanks for reading !


Update ! ( One of those off track posts ^^)

Hellooo my reader :D

It’s been a while right ? A while since I updated ohoho,,

Anyways, just updating to show some cool stuff I got :D
You see, it was my birthday on May 6th, and my friends surprised me with a cake at a food court ^^;;; (They even sang…….)


I got a Cookies and Cream mousse cake, and I plan to make a replica of it sometime :D . and ofc, tutorial will be made.

Here is what I got:

Name Plate

Phew, sorry for the lighting. This is just my nickname “Cyn” in giant letters. It sits in my room …. so cute !

Domo Slippers

A pair of Domo Slippers. My friend was being VERY suspicious. We went around stores and she would be like “Oh Cynthia, do you think this looks good ? ”
…So obvious ahahah

Pretty notebooks….I never want to open them..

Korean bear

Hm, I think this is some sort of souvenir from Korea ? It’s so cute T__T , the bear is wearing traditional clothes


And that’s all the images I am going to post hahaha. I need to get on with updates that are related to crafts !

If you read my posts often, you’ll know that NZ  is way too expensive! As a result…. I shop on Ebay…. GLORIOUS EBAY :D

Here is some of the stuff I bought : (All probs total less than $15 NZD)

  • Eyepins
  • Ribbon
  • Black half pearls (4mm)
  • Green + Blue keychains
  • Ring Base
Here is a close look ^^
As you can see, all these are for polymer clay. Except for the Black half pearls. Those are for eyes when making felt plushies

The ribbon. This is also for felt ^^
I needed some good material that could be used for attaching things like jump rings.


 From my birthday money, I bought white sculpey off my supplier. I also bought “Triple Thick Glaze” ! I see so many people using it (on youtube that is) and I thought that I would give it a try. For my sculpey clay, I ordered 794g of it . That is 1.75lb ! It was $30 NZD + $.650 shipping…. so expensive T__T

But I figure it will last me a while. It actually came in the mail today, but when I opened it, it looked like someone had already gone into it o_o. It was sort of in weird chucks, and when I weighed it, instead of 794g, it was 650g ! I emailed my supplier straight away ahaha. Just waiting for a reply as to why it arrived in that state.

New supplies !

Why does it look like that ? TT____TT
If you look closer, there is actually some dust on the clay … and there was a dead bug on it too ! WHYWHYWHY !

[Edit] They emailed me back, and are currently sending me a brand new box :D 
They’re also paying for the courier for me to send down this used one. 

I think I sounded angry in my email…



Tenorikuma cake

Tutorial of these coming soon !

Thanks for reading !


Happy Easter !

Hellooo my reader ! ^^

Happy Easter !! Today is Easter Sunday in NZ… and I JUST finished my Easter themed creation.

Here you go !

Easter themed creation

Not your typical Easter theme right ? Haha, it kind of reminds me of digimon…
This creation (the blue one) is a cross between a bunny and an egg ! I wanted to give it a litttle bit more of a personality by giving it a ninja mask, and a cute hair swirl haha,, Do you like ?
Sorry if you don’t… I really didn’t know what to make.

Now, the black bunny next to it is a B.A.P Bunny.
You’re probably wondering what it is right ? Well, B.A.P stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect. It is a name of a Korea boy band, and their mascots are bunnies ^^

It was my friends’ birthday earlier this week and she requests the B.A.P bunny. So I made all of them.

Here are the rest !

B.A.P Bunnies

And ofc, tutorials will be made and posted ^^
If you want to be notified when, just click that follow button,,

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it


Tutorial : Toast

Hello my readers :3

I know I said I was going to post once a week, but that seems a bit too long o.o I’m always thinking of new tutorials, and yeah..
Today’s one will be extremely simple.


  • Pointed tool
  • White clay ( and Translucent if you have some )
  • Pastels
  • Brush
  • Toothbrush

Now, for toast, it is best if you have translucent AND white. It gives the bread a less ‘solid’ feel ? If you know what I mean haha. I don’t have translucent atm because it ran out, still looking for cheap suppliers TT ____ TT


  • Roll out the white clay, and make it into a square shape.
  • Using the pointed tool, just make a little indent on the two sides.


  • Take the toothbrush and lightly texture the clay. It depends on how much texture you want your toast to be,, I made mine pretty textured..
  • Using a mixture of brown and orange pastel, shade the edges (crust). I find this technique more realistic than using brown clay for the crust. Also, remember to shade the ‘faces’ of the toast. Again, it depends on how burnt you want your toast to be.Completed Toast
    Aaaand there we go C: It should look something like this. ^^^
    I hope that looks realistic enough, I gave it a lot of texture ohoho ,,


So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this super simple tutorial.
As always, requests and questions are welcome, so if you have any, leave below :