Short Update:

Hey guys !

So it has finally come to the ‘end’ of my holidays.. I start school on the 1st of February , which is earlier than usual ( its normally February 7th)
And honestly, it feels like I’ve made nothing…

Last year, I was always thinking of all the things I could make in my holidays, update my Etsy and maybe even start a Youtube channel – and now it seems like I’ve done nothing at all..




It’s definitely not the time issue as I’ve had about a month for that, but I don’t know… it’s probably because I don’t really have the inspiration or motivation anymore. I do still have a lot of ideas, it’s just that when it gets down to making the actual craft , it turns out much harder than what I imagine.
Then, it ends up ugly/ takes up time / I start again, and so I don’t post it online ;__;


So yeah…
However, I will list what I did manage to do oho :

  • Bunny cake tutorial
  • Elephant Cake tutorial
  • Cherry tutorial (felt)
  • Pineapple, apple, kiwifruit slice tutorial (felt)
  • Watermelon tutorial (felt)
  • Ponyo in a bottle (first attempt)
  • Real pink cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Haku in a bottle ( in process)
  • GIANT Dango plush


Real Pink cake










And here’s a small prototype of my Haku. I’ve got the basic construction method done however, I’m trying to figure out how to put him in the bottle and in what shape. Also his surroundings TT
The one you see below actually broke in half, eh..

Haku Prototype


You can see he’s curled around that tool… this shape doesn’t quite work for the bottle, so yes – This is going to get thrown out.


Thanks for reading this short rant/ update!



[Rant] Oh New Zealand…

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a new place to buy my clay. As you know, NZ is really expensive, so clay cost $7 in stores, and then $5.50 online + $6.50 shipping. Mind you, these are the typical 2 oz, 56 gram ones..

Being the poor student I am, I can’t really afford buying new clay all the time – to make matters worse, my supplies have been running low TT___TT You see, I have be crafting more than usual. Normally, I make clay miniatures for friends birthdays or when I have sudden inspiration – that means I craft a couple of times a month.

Now, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for tutorials that you don’t normally see online. I’ve also been posting daily so that doesn’t help ;__; uhuuu. I actually found an awesome site online that sold clay for $1.63 per bar. At the check out, my total was $22 which is great because I would have bought 6 bars + shipping- but then, there was this thing where they would  re-calculate shipping price and send you a new total,,,

You know what my new total was ? Around, $44 USD and $35  of it was for shipping FML !




This means that, I now will be posting less on polymer clay. Maybe once a week ? Or maybe I will start something  on felt, not sure at the moment. If you do have a site where I can buy clay, please message me :C

Thanks for reading ,,