[Tutorial] Gaming series : Wii Remote

Hi there,

I’m not even going to comment on how long it’s been hahaha.

But as you guys know, even though I’m not “active” in posting anything, I still do check emails on the daily. I definitely do read comments that get posted on my blog.

Today’s one is actually something I made four years ago. Has it been THAT long already?
I didn’t actually put this tutorial together until JUST now. Luckily I still had the images lying in my harddrive somewhere.

So here we go, it’s fairly short



white clay

  • White clay
  • Translucent clay
  • Blue clay (Optional)
  • Red clay (Optional)
  • Blue paint (Optional)
  • Red paint (Optional)

So the reason why I say that some of these are optional is because it depends on your own preference. Since the remote was so small, I got lazy and just painted the whole buttons red and blue. If you are lazy too, you can either paint or use red/blue clay.

rectangle shape

  • Roll out the clay into a log shape and flatten
  • Take your razor blade and trim into a rectangle


  • Round off the edges
  • Roll out a thin sheet of clay and cut the arrow pad out from it.
  • Roll out however many buttons that are on the remote and arrange accordingly.
  • Use translucent clay for the button under the arrow pad.
  • Paint on the details on each button




Aaand that’s it.

Super easy and short right ?
Anyway, forgive me for such a lazy tutorial, there’s not much I can write about how to make it ahahaha. It’s only some small circles on top of a rectangle.

Hope you enjoy !

Thanks for reading as usual, I am definitely still alive.




Tutorial : Gaming series (Nintendo 64 controller)


This is the other part of the tutorial. They are short, so two will be uploaded at one time :D

Here is the Nintendo 64 controller !




  • Three shades of grey (Light grey, grey, dark grey)
  • Blue clay
  • Red
  • yellow clay

Basic shape

  • Split the clay into three : One larger one and two smaller ones.
  • Take the main shade of grey, and just like the Gamecube controller, roll out the main shape.
  • To make it a little less round, just use something with a straight edge and push the clay inward.
  • Take a bit of clay and roll it out into a log. The length should be the same as your controller.
  • Place it on top and flatten.

Completed shape


  • For that middle part, roll out the last piece of grey into a sabre tooth shape.
  • Place it in the middle of the controller
  • Flatten the top half, and CAREFULLY blend the edges down. Make sure when you place it , it has that little bit sticking out the top.



  • Taking a rounded tool, make an indent where the arrow pad will go.
  • Roll out the darkest grey thinly and cut out the arrow pad.
  • Place it in the dent you made.
  • Stick on the rest of the details

Bake + glaze


And you’re done ! Another easy one right ?
The next ones that will be posted are even easier…..

Thanks for reading !