Felt Tutorial : Rilakkuma Plushie

Hello Hello ^^

Just a quick tutorial for you guys. Sorry about some of the lighting and the quality of this plushie,, I don’t have a lot of time right now so it doesn’t look as good as it should u__u
This post will be s a Rilakkuma Plushie ! Except it will just be the head part, and he’ll be in a “costume” of some sort.
Basically, you can use WHATEVER colours you want and whatever design you want.
For my original one, I put Rilakkuma in a strawberry hood and this time he’ll just be in this random felt pattern.

Strawberry Rilakkuma

If you’re going to make something like a strawberry that has those extra details, make sure you add them on before you start to construct it. For this one, I had to use black thread and make those little ‘seeds’ on all the pieces of the hood. If you’re going to make an animal, make sure you cut out all the stripes and such.

Oho,, I got my template from here: [link]

So here we go ^^ !




I basically printed out two different sizes and chose the bottom ones
You will need a duplicate copy ^^



  • Brown
  • Any other colour you want. (I’m using that apple patterned one because I haven’t used it before)
  • White


  • Needle
  • Corresponding thread colour to your ‘hood’ (or any colour you want really,,)
  • Stuffing
  • Glue
  • Pins


  • Ribbon (So you can turn it into a keychain. Or any other piece of fabric or jump ring)
  • Half black pearls (If you don’t have this, just cut out two black circles for eyes)
  • Ball chain ( or you can use a keyring + chain )



Cutting Templates out

  • Cut out the templates
  • On one, separate the head from the ears
  • On second one, draw a line for where you want the hood to be. (When cutting, if you want it to be symmetrical, fold it in half and follow the side that you drew best)


  • Pin the templates to the felt and cut out the shapes
  • Brown Head x 1
  • (Colour of your choice) Head x 1
  • Hood x 1
  • Ears x 4
  • Snout x 1
  • Cut a small strip of ribbon, size is up to you, it doesn’t really matter


  • Arrange the layers (outside colour, brown, hood) on top of each other. If you want, you can trim the brown piece a little bit to hide the edges
  • Thread your need and use blanket stitch around until you get to where the ears will be
  • Place the ears in , and use a running stitch to keep them in place.
  • Change back to blanket stitch until you get to where the ribbon will be. Use running stitch it keep it in place
  • Continue to blanket stitch again until you get to the ears where you will use the running stitch.
  • Keep blanket stitching to the end of the ‘hood’
  • At this point, you can stuff the ears if you want, but I just stitched them together using blanket stitch


  • If you trimmed the brown too much and it doesn’t get stitched together when you do the outline, you may have to use a running stitch to attach it to the head like I did.
  • Take your stuffing, and stuff it in the bottom
  • Close it up by using a blanket stitch
  • Glue on the eyes using the glue (I used PVA, hot glue gun will be more stable though)
  • On the snout, you can either sew on the details or draw it on like me
  • Glue on the snout
  • Add the ball chain

And you’re done !


So here you go ^^
Honestly, this is really easy, I don’t know why I have so much text hahaha,,

Sorry I haven’t really been able to craft much, I just had three exams (math and chem on the same day ! Oh my life, I think I failed some ..) and I have about two more next week..
Then I won’t be on holiday for another week so yeah, until then, I guess there’ll just be updates here and there.

And look ! Aang and Appa turned into a necklace for shipping  ! ;D



Thanks for reading !



Tutorial : Rilakkuma Cake

Before I start the tutorial, I hope you notice that only one slice gets taken out of the ‘cake’. In order to save my clay, I decided to actually make the whole thing out of Aluminium foil, and just make that one slice out of clay. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, but I think it turned out quite well ohoho.

Here it is :


  • Aluminium Foil (definitely need more than pictured)
  • Toothpick


  •  Sculpey in Sunshine (which is baby yellow)
  • white
  • Any colour filling you want ( this is the left over red from my twist pin tutorial. It looks brown here.)


  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Terracotta (which is a browny red clay)


  • Take the aluminium foil and scrunch it up.
  • Start shape it into the head of Rilakkuma.
  • Taking a smaller piece of foil, shape the ears, and attach it into the head with a toothpick.


  • Now, choose where you want the slice to be and cut a chunk of foil out
  • Take the half of the baby yellow clay and place it as pictured. This roughly tells you the shape your clay will have to be.
  • Cut out the same shape with the red and other piece of baby yellow clay. (Use the first piece as a template for cutting)


  • Arrange the clay (Yellow, red, yellow) and place it in the missing chunk.
  • Use your razor blade to cut the clay so its’ shape matches with Rilakkuma’s head.
  • Round off the edges, and add another tin foil ear.
  • Roll out the Terracotta clay, and completely wrap it over the foil

Making the face

  • Smooth out any visible edges, and make sure the ears are defined from the head.
  • Two small circles for eyes
  • White blob for muzzle


  • Two small blobs for the ears
  • Outline the ears with black clay. Make sure it is rolled thinly.
  • Roll a thicker log with the black, and outline the base
  • Roll a slightly thinner log and outline the top of Rilakkumas’ head.


Finished look

Add the mouth, bake, glaze and you’re done !

So, I hope the instructions were clear enough :/ , if not I hope the images make up for it haha.
At first, I was going to paint on the mouth but then decided not to. (Also, lighting may be strange in this one, I made it at night) 

If you have any questions, comment below: