Etsy !!

Hey guys !

Two posts in a day ohoho

Anyways, this is a little off track but I thought I’d update with how my Etsy was going.

I don’t really know what to do with it tbh, I haven’t made a lot of a new things to put in it ¬†and I’m always wondering if people will buy stuff at all.

That’s why I only have about 7 or 8 listings up at the moment. huhu


Animal-Cakes ApplePie2 Hello-Kitty-Cake2 Nofaces PonyoInBottle RealPinkCake2 RealPinkCakeSlice RoseInABottle Totoros


Thanks for viewing !!



Tutorial : Rose Twist pin


Todays’ post is going to be on a rose twist pin. Of course, the rose is just an idea you could use. You can always attach other stuff onto it like muffins, cake, pie etc.
You will need:

  • Plain twist pin
  • Red polymer clay
  • black polymer clay (optional)
  • Circle cutter (optional)
  • Hot glue gun

Mixing the colours

Since I’m going for a darker colour red, I’m going to be adding some black into it. You can see in the first picture that I colour coded the black polymer clay- add the green amount and not the red. I made the mistake of adding half the black and my rose turned out wayy darker than I wanted it to.

Cutting  the petals

  • Roll out the red clay into a thin sheet and use the cookie cutter to cut circles out of it. If you have more circles, your rose will be bigger.
    If you don’t have a cookie cutter, make little balls out of the red clay and flatten them.

Layering the petals

  • For the centre, take a circle and just roll it. Do not flatten the bottom like I did, I just needed it to stand so I could take a picture.
  • Take another circle and wrap it around the first one
  • Keep doing this and as you go, make sure you push the petals outward.

Cutting the rose

  • ^ If you keep layering your rose, the end of it will look like that.
  • Cut off the excess clay, and you’re done ;D

End product

  • Bake your rose and then glue it onto the top of the pin ! ( I used hot glue gun)
  • You can also glaze it to really finish it off.

Ohoho, I hope you liked this tutorial ;D
All it is, is just a rose being attached to the pin. If you want , I can post a picture of what it looks like when it’s in hair.