What I’ve been doing lately

Hello hello,

Just a brief update on what I’ve been making,,

Also, I’m open for custom requests as of today ^^
Just send me a message if you want one.


New tools

Lately, I’ve been so in love with crafting sculptures with super sculpey that I’ve been feeling reluctant to work with all my normal clay. I think it’s because I can’t be bothered to working with such soft clay from studio sculpey and sculpey III. I still find that Fimo is okay to work with, but mostly just been crafting sculptures.

Above is wire that I bought from Daiso so I can incorporate more sturdy interiors for my sculptures. Up until now I’ve only been using foil – and occasionally  a small part of an eyepin for arms and such but now these wires can really help me stabilize my creations.

Also, I’ve started to watermark my images… can’t tell if I should create another one or just stick with this… what do you think ?


Adventure Time

Gunter and penguins

Gunter and his penguins

Unfinished Tv

Jake’s baby: T.V

Mid painting

Lord Monochromicorn + Lady Rainicorn
Unfinished painting of all these sculptures


Animal Crossing

Animal crossing isabelle

Isabelle that still needs to be painted + pen and clipboard still need to be attached


Pokemon : Starter pokemon series

Juju lip charmander

Charmander: I thought this was hilarious. I was mid sculpt and adding on Charmanders mouth…. look those lovely juju lips.. mm mm ahahahahah

Bulbasaur and Charmander

Bulbasaur + Charmander completed. Just need their coats of paint and glaze


So there we go ^^
That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I still need to make Squirtle and possibly the rest of the starter pokemons from other generations.

Hope you like this post ^^

Thanks for reading !



Tutorial : Potato Chips

Hello Hello !

Today’s tutorial, will be on the POTATO CHIPS :D

Now, this is actually a REALLY simple tutorial, I hope most of you know how to make them ^^. If you don’t then this will hopefully be super helpful for you.

Shall we get started ?


  • Translucent clay ( I finally bought it !!)
  • Yellow clay (Light yellow, mix it with the white)
  • White clay
  • A littttle bit of tan or gold
  • Pastel – Brown/ Tan

Making the Shape

  • Mix the white, yellow and translucent together.
  • If it’s not dark enough, add a darker colour into it. My cernit gold clay was a nice shade, so I added a little bit of that into it.
  • Take small blobs and flatten them onto the surface you are working on. You can use a bit of cornstarch to prevent it from sticking to your fingers. (Try to make them an oval shape)
  • Another method is to just flatten it between your finger and thumb. When you peel it off, it will naturally have that ‘curled’ potato chip shape.

Final Shape

  • Scrape it off, and then give it a bit of a curl.
  • Repeat these steps until you have a satisfactory amount.
  • Bake

All my potato chips

  • Here they are baked ^^

Fries even ?

  • You could even cut them into French fry shapes ! They look like the raw ones that haven’t been deep fried ahaha !
  • Then shade with pastel ,, I used brown, and you can’t really see it but, I dusted it on the edges.

The kind of potato chips I’m making are “Salt and Vinegar”. Let’s make the salt !

The salt

  • Take a random piece of translucent clay and bake it. You should put this piece in when you bake the potato chips.
  • Then, start cutting little pieces off….
  • Cut them very very very finely !

Salt and Vingear !

  • Sprinkle over your chips ! ^^ They look a little too salty here…

And you’re done !
Super simple right ? For packaging, you could make your own foil packet, clay bowl or even a mini pringle tube !

I didn’t have time to do that, so I used a small metal bowl. I only have 6 left now TT____TT I need to find a place where I can buy bowls and stuff for my clay..

Final Product

  • Here it is in the bowl ! I made it alllll stick together by using a little bit of deco gel.
  • I also over baked it, so the “salt” got burnt TT____TT Oh well…. it can be bacon pieces now..

I really hoped you enjoyed this !
If you do have any requests or questions, just leave it in the comments ^^

Thanks for reading !