Whoa there

Longgg time no post right ?

Apparently, my last post was about March.. so over 6 months ago…

So much for posting every one or so right ?


Actually looking back through my older entries, I feel like I should mass edit them all.
Just cringing at my usage of ” ^^” ” TT___TT” and the sort..


But whatever.

Anyways, just a little post about me finally being on holiday !!
It’s finally here, from now till about… March 2015 ?
I’m on holiday… ahh yisss..

And also, I have actually been crafting here and there – just largely unfinished things.
I still have a whole lot of sculptures I haven’t gotten around to properly paint / glaze.
To be honest though, I’m not sure I want to finish those..


But what I DID finish, was a new portal gun !
As usual , it was for a friends’ birthday, and as usual, I just winged my way through the sculpting process so yep.
Didn’t even manage to take a whole bunch of images of it either.

Can I add though, out of all the Portal Guns I’ve made, (about 3-4), this one is the most accurate.
Since it was a gift, I actually had to think carefully the order I would make/bake/paint the pieces in, and how each part will be made.

Also, as usual, I rushed it till the last moment, almost screwed it up several times AND was late to the party because I was so desperate to finish it off… Hmm..


But without any further ado, here are some TERRIBLE images I took right before I left.
I wish I had some better lighting, and area to take the photos in – but really, there wasn’t time.
There are the ones that didn’t suck too much as well haha, enjoy.


Here is what it looks like completed.
I bought a case that is specifically for those little models / figurines and placed the portal gun in it.
I also quickly made a stand last minute for it.

Apparently a “Portal Gun stand” exists…. I can’t believe I didn’t google it earlier because I had so much time when I was waiting for paint to dry.
The stand I made here was a mixture of that stand and some improvisation.

If I remember correctly, the gun measures about 7cm across.
Made with :

  • Super sculpey
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glaze
  • Wire
  • Hot glue
  • Clear plastic






Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the general outline of how I made the gun.

  • Make two tubes out of clay, cut the middles out of both of them, and place one in the other
  • Make the front part which is for the shooting by stacking different sized circle clays
  • Roll out blue clay into a log and place it into the body of the gun
  • Bake
  • Sculpt the back part of the gun
  • Bake separately
  • Make the front white bit of the gun
  • Bake separately
  • Paint the main body of the gun black
  • Paint the insides of the white bits
  • Get some clear plastic, glue it over the main body of the gun where the middle was cut out of
  • Attach both the white bits onto the body of the gun with hot glue
  • Shape some wire
  • Glue onto the white bits of the gun, and just according to what it looks like
  • Paint several smooth coats of paint over the white bits
  • Shape some wire and glue them at the front of the gun
  • Paint over the hot glue
  • Glaze

As for the stand, I just made the basic structure, and used black felt and hot glued it on.


And that’s about it.
It’s not too difficult, but …quite tedious.
Baking the parts separately was so that I could paint the overall piece better, and give off a cleaner finish.
Sometimes I underbaked the pieces, and adding too much pressure meant that I broke them.
Painting is always a pain since my acrylic paint likes to try kinda… sticky ? It attracts dust quite easily and it’s so painful to get a smooth coat without mixing it with water first…


Anywho, maybe if it ever gets requested for my etsy, I’ll make another one and post up the process for that.

As for the next sculpture I’m working on, it’s Baby Groot !!
I have finished making him, and moving onto the painting process.

Hope to post those results soon.

Thanks for reading as usual,


Quick update + my instagram


Ok so, my exams will all be completed in three weeks time, in which I will finally start crafting again!

So far, I have about 4-5 unfinished sculptures just hanging around and I usually don’t post anything up until they’re baked + painted + glazed.

Because of that, my blog posts aren’t that frequent, so I created an instagram for those who do wish to keep track of my progress and personal life.  I would separate my personal life and  crafting into two separate accounts but it just feels too tedious to me, so I guess you can use this instagram to get to know me better too ^^.

Feel free to follow me and tag  me in any of your own creations that you have made following my tutorials ^^
I would love to see them !!

Thanks for reading and waiting !


(15. 03 . 14 Update )

Instagram: @Craftcandies

Is updated whenever I craft, although you’ll probably be seeing a lot of my older posts.

#100th Post !!

Hello Helloooo

So long time no post right ?


You see, I would have updated a long long long time ago, but I realllyyy wanted to save the 100 post for something awesome.

But … I really cant..

You see, I’ve started school again- my last year AND I got lucky enough to be enrolled in one university course..
So this just means that I’m busier than normal..

My weekends basically consist of catching up with work/ finishing work and something along the lines of that.

So I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been crafting for the past weeks(?) I’v been gone :




So this was a custom made listing from my Etsy. ^^ Someone wanted another Aang and Appa so I made one and sent it off to Canada !
Except, it’s a little but uglier and less cute that my first one right ? u_u Ah.. But I really tried to make it similar. Aang is more proportional in size though, so that’s probably one thing that changed.



The longlong delayed Valentine themed cake. I made this while watching Futurama ahahaha,,
You can see that there are various shades of pink, going in a gradient upwards ^^ I added the roses and you can see a littttle bit of a blue rose peeking in the back.
It looks more like a wedding cake right ? Yeah.. ..



A Domo cake I made for fun,, I’m pretty sure this was meant to be for a friend but I decided it was a bit too ugly. Oh wells, it’ll just sit there in my craft box.
If anyone wants to buy it…please message me ahaha


Also , in other news, I managed to sell 3 bottle art creations this month !!
I can’t believe it ! Sosososo happy that my bottle art is good enough that others would want to buy it.

So far, I’ve sold Ponyo, Aang and Appa ver.2 and I’m currently trying to work on a custom request ^^

That shall be revealed later yesyes ? I really hope it’s up to standards… ah


So there we go.. I wasted my 100th post for this update..
I guess I’ll make my 120th post the special one and not this..

For now, I’ll be working on felt crafts ofc , still need to complete that series and then just random clay things here and there.

Just reminding you guys I haven’t disappeared or forgotten about this blog ! I check it daily , it’s just that I seem to never have time.

Yeah, I know.

Kay, thanks so much for reading this !


Short Update:

Hey guys !

So it has finally come to the ‘end’ of my holidays.. I start school on the 1st of February , which is earlier than usual ( its normally February 7th)
And honestly, it feels like I’ve made nothing…

Last year, I was always thinking of all the things I could make in my holidays, update my Etsy and maybe even start a Youtube channel – and now it seems like I’ve done nothing at all..




It’s definitely not the time issue as I’ve had about a month for that, but I don’t know… it’s probably because I don’t really have the inspiration or motivation anymore. I do still have a lot of ideas, it’s just that when it gets down to making the actual craft , it turns out much harder than what I imagine.
Then, it ends up ugly/ takes up time / I start again, and so I don’t post it online ;__;


So yeah…
However, I will list what I did manage to do oho :

  • Bunny cake tutorial
  • Elephant Cake tutorial
  • Cherry tutorial (felt)
  • Pineapple, apple, kiwifruit slice tutorial (felt)
  • Watermelon tutorial (felt)
  • Ponyo in a bottle (first attempt)
  • Real pink cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Haku in a bottle ( in process)
  • GIANT Dango plush


Real Pink cake










And here’s a small prototype of my Haku. I’ve got the basic construction method done however, I’m trying to figure out how to put him in the bottle and in what shape. Also his surroundings TT
The one you see below actually broke in half, eh..

Haku Prototype


You can see he’s curled around that tool… this shape doesn’t quite work for the bottle, so yes – This is going to get thrown out.


Thanks for reading this short rant/ update!


On fire !

Hallooo !!

So, I’m only fire recently… crafting and completing a craft everyday….

Just a little note about my next posts:

  • Cold porcelain review will be up in a couple of days
  • Tutorial of Howl’s moving castle
  • Later , my tutorial of Portal guns and companion cube

Portal Gun

Portal gun 2

So I made this portal gun. This is just a prototype atm.
Now that I know how I’m going to construct everything, I’ll be making the yellow one so yes ^^ Hopefully will be a listing on Etsy.

This measures about 5cm long  and 2cm in height.

These images are also before I glazed them ,, atm it is drying from the glass ohoho,,

Be waiting ^^

I’m off to make the companion cube now !

Thanks for reading,



Hey guys !

The holidays have finally started and I got sick. T__T
What great timing right ? I’m like coughing every few seconds WHAT IS THIS !

So while I’m at home recovering, I have started to make the mini bottles that have been on my to do list. The scale is so freaking tiny so please be patient while I make them + the tutorials.


I know it’s been a while since I posted anything but a cold porcelain review is going to be up soon. I started it yesterday and I’m waiting for it to dry so I can complete the post ^^

Sorry for the delay once again !

I’ll hopefully be posting frequently and consistently again !

Thanks for reading


Goals / To do list:

Hey guys !

So if you read my more recent blog posts, you know that I’m  basically in exam mode for the rest of the school year ( and yet here I am procrastinating TT)
I’m constantly thinking of new crafts to make and since I’m slow, the crafting process takes a long long time …. which is probably why I can’t craft as much as I’d like to.

Below, I’m just going to post up some of the crafts I will be making and if you have anything to add feel free to comment and I’ll update the post with it ^^.

Bottle Art: (These are all requests from DA)

  • Howl’s moving castle
  • Ponyo
  • Mini Haku (Spirited away)
  • Kiki’s delivery service ( I actually started working on this, but then when I saw it the next morning I thought it was ugly and threw it away TT)

Felt Projects:

  • Cakes (This one will probably be the first one to be posted since I’m making it for a friend)
  • Animal plushies for keychains

Polymer Clay:

  • Monokuro Boo (request)
  • Hopefully, I can start a series of some sort and actually go through with it (so far, still working on the Studio Ghibli themed bottle art)
  • Figurines (I’ve never made this before, but hopefully, will be able to make a satisfactory one)
  • More characters
  • Rements ? Squshies ? (Even though they won’t really be squishy…)


And that’s all I have so far ^^
Most of these are pretty vague since I don’t really know what I want to make yet. I usually find inspiration around the web, or when I rewatch the movies or episodes so yes ,,
Hopefully, these will be made pretty soon, I as usual, I will be posting the tutorials for these.

However, for the tutorials, I don’t know if I want to post all  of them since most are pretty straight forward. My tutorials are usually just for the method of construction but the accuracy of how you make the creation is up to you ^^
So, I’ll be updating you with pictures of the ones I do make and cross them off this list as I go. If you do want tutorials for them, comment when the posts are up ^^


Thanks for reading this long wall of text x__x
Here is my cat just fo you !

My cat

Oh my, just look at the way he almost blends in with that rug….