[Felt Crafts] # 2 – The Strawberry wedge

Hello Hello,

Following on the whole strawberry, this is the strawberry wedge.




  • Red felt
  • Dark pink felt ( I didn’t have that so I had to use normal pink felt )
  • Pink felt ( Since I didn’t have dark pink, this lighter colour had to be white)
  • Red thread
  • White thread
  • Black thread

Now, As for the templates, you can see they are basically “leaf” or “petal” shapes.

The Pink is the roundest leaf shape, the red is slightly smaller and more narrow and the white is even smaller

You can either draw them out yourself – or I will try to draw them up on photoshop and attach it to this post


  • Cut out each felt piece. The colours and shapes can be seen in the “materials” image

Should be: Red x 1, Dark pink x 1 , Light pink x 1

  • If you want, use black thread to add the ‘seeds’ , you can also use beads if you wish
  • Then, sew the white piece onto the pink piece with white thread – follow the pattern drawn in the middle image (Let’s make this the front)

Because the red piece is smaller than the pink piece, when you sew it and fill it up, it will end up being pulled back and look like a ‘wedge’ or a ‘half’ of a strawbery.


  • Place the red piece onto the back of the pink and start sewing around it. (Blanket stitch or whip stitch)
  • Add the stuffing before closing it off
  • Remember to add the details such as seeds ! I didn’t , so here it is drawn in…


  • Here it is sewn up, I have used black thread for the purpose of this tutorial, however you should use red thread.
  • You can also see that the white thread used in the middle does not stand out. This is because I used light pink felt instead of dark pink. Please use the right colours if you want a pretty strawberry ^^


And that’s it,, a ‘wedge’ or ‘half’ a strawberry.

The next tutorial will be the “Strawberry slice ” ^^ Be waiting for that !

Thanks for reading !